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A World You Never Knew Existed



There are 15 Million in Brazil.  3 Million in Argentina. Almost a Million in Chile; but they are an elite class in Chile.

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A World You Never Knew Existed

If you are like me, and most Americans – and dare I say, most Westerners as well – you never knew about the major Arab subculture in South America.

And that’s just Chile. Argentina and Brazil and have more!

Europe has about 5+ million Arabs [most Euro-Muslims are not Arab] in a continent of 740 Million people, and yet we hear nothing but panic.

Egads! Eurabia! The Arabs are coming! The Arabs are coming!

What if I were to tell you that South America alone has 25+ Million Arabs, most of whom are assimilated, Christians, and getting along quite well in their respective countries.

(Click Here) to see Arab populations broken down by country.


Yes! It is true.

What did South America do that was so right; and what can we learn from them.

Put aside your pre-conceived notions, and be prepared for a shock.

There might be a possible solution to the Mideast Problem which can be found in Latin America.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

1941 Social Guide to the Arab Colony in Chile


Social Guide to the Arab Colony in Chile
Syrian – Palestinian – Lebanese

Notice: It was published in 1941, under the Auspices of The Palestinian Club. This community was already rich and influential by the 1940s.

Notice also that they did not call themselves South Syrians.  I have nothing against Israel, but the Palestinians had a Palestinian identity by that time. It was not invented in 1964 as some claim it was. Look at the booklet cover. It says Palestina, not Sursiria (South Syrian).  Palestinian is clearly called out as their identity.

Again, it is not anti-Israel to admit the truth. They had a collective identity even by that early date.

From the National Library of Chile


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