Latin Caliphate?

You read some news reports that there is a potential caliphate looming in South America; but is that true?

Let’s go to some South American sources:

In 2010, the Argentina Independent had this to say:

A Tour of South America’s Largest Mosque

There are estimates of some 700,000 Muslims in Argentina, mostly descended from Syrian and Lebanese immigrants who came over in the late 1850s. There are only two mosques in Buenos Aires, the other being part of the Organización Islámica Argentina.

Whoa! Did you catch that? 700,000 Muslims and only two Mosques in the capital where the highest concentration of Muslims are to be found?!

Only two Mosques?!!!

Around 2002, the Argentine Academics Pedro Brieger and Enrique Herzskowich reported this:

The Muslim Community of Argentina

Assuming four people per family, a realistic guess for the Muslim population of Buenos Aires might be around 4,500, far fewer than the number projected by some Muslim officials.

Now 4,500 is a figure more in keeping with two Mosques.

Yes, there are Muslims in Argentina; but many are second- and third-generation Argentines who no longer speak Arabic. Whatever Muslims did come in, were inclinded to either convert or intermarry into Christianity. At the least, they usually became non practicing.

It gets worse. Let’s look at Brazil.

The US State Department in 2009 reported that in Brazil:

Muslim leaders estimate that there are between 700,000 and 3 million Muslims, with the lower figure representing active practitioners.

However, the Brazilian 2010 census reported only 35,167 Muslims.

You look up numbers after numbers and you get wild swings. When tracked down to reliable numbers, the exaggerations start to fall apart.

As you start to track these numbers down, you realize the estimates are enormously exaggerated.

There might be 700,000 people in Argentina who are former Muslims, or who are the descendents of Muslims. They got entered in a list somewhere, but never go to Mosque. They probably drink wine, eat pork, and have a Christian boyfriend. These are Muslims in name only.

Then there are those reporters who can’t distinguish Arabs from Muslims. They are not one and the same. It turns out that the overwhelming majority of Arabs in South America are Christian, many of whom have ancestors who were Orthodox Christian or Catholic, and who fled religious persecution at the hands of Muslims.

The local imams themselves exaggerate, whether out of fancy, imagination, lack or knowledge, or just plain deceit, the imams grossly exaggerate the numbers of Muslims in South America.

But look at this, again from the Argentine Independent Article:

A Tour of South America’s Largest Mosque

Non-Muslims in Argentina don’t seem to know much about this complex other than that former President Carlos Saúl Menem (himself of Syrian descent) was responsible for it. This is somewhat true. King Fahd of Saudia Arabia financed the construction, which totaled some U$15m. Menem’s contribution was arranging the donation of the land, which has been valued at around U$10m. Congress passed a national law in 1995, giving the land to the cultural centre. The first stone was laid on 7th December 1998, not without some slight controversy: neighbours were unsure about the increased traffic and architectural disharmony, among other issues. But the centre opened on 25th September 2000 with much fanfare as King Fahd himself and 250 other dignitaries came from Saudi Arabia to celebrate the opening.

If the Argentina government had not donated the land to begin with, the Saudis would not have had a foothold into Argentina, to resuscitate a dying Islam.

This King Faud Mosque has caused some controvery when it managed to get a popular Arab-Argentine TV Show (hosted by Christians) cancelled to make way for an Islamic program that no one, not even the Arab community, wanted.

But NONE OF THIS would have happened if the Argentine government had not donated the valuable land in the first place.

If the governments of the West would stop assisting Islamic prosyletization, Islam will die a natural death in our Hemisphere.

No Caliphate is looming unless some government supports it.