Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Way of Salvation – Arab Evangelicals

Posted on YouTube: September 14, 2017, (In Spanish) – Note: Same person as below.

An update on an Arab Evangelical Church in Venezuela – or at least with a Arab-Latin clergy.

Click Here to to see their messages in Arabic: (Click Here)

To see their church site, click: Iglesia Camino Salvacion (The Way of Salvation)

We mentioned them before on an earlier post: (Click Here)

Now, again, most likely a good portion of these people come from a Christian background, Maronite Catholic or Syrian Orthodox, before becoming Evangelical. However, many of the Maronites or Syrian Orthodox have been in Latin America for generations, and so have forgotten Arabic.

Yet, this church has given messages in Arabic as well as Spanish, which may indicate that they reach out to recent Muslim arrivals as well.

Posted on YouTube: October 31, 2015, (In Arabic) – Note: Same person, Sara Zakhour, as above.

Again, as noted, any Muslims coming to South America would face this. In the Muslim world, the Ummah, Christianity is suppressed, and the Muslims do not have well-developed social skills to resist evangelism. They just threaten or kill the preachers. In South America, this would not be an option, so there would be a continual bleed off of Muslims from any Muslim community to the Christian church – most likely to the Evangelicals, since they take evangelism more seriously than Catholics.

This is why I suggest, from time to time, that the Palestinians in the West Bank be paid to move to South America. They would convert in a generation or two.

Further note: This church obviously has female pastors, which indicates that they are in the Pentecostal framework. Strict Baptists do not have female clergy. But this only shows how radically Arab-Latins have assimilated, moving from an Arab patriarchal background to a very egalitarian Westernized view over the generations.