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Friday, September 7th, 2012

South America Recognizes Palestine

The video was posted on YouTube in Feb 2011

This was probably due to the massive Arab community in South America.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Chilean Doctors Go to Palestine

The reason the translation is so good is because someone else did it.

Chile has the world’s largest Palestinian-Christian population.

Being elite, they have clout like Jewish groups do in the USA. This was a group of doctors who regularly go to Palestine to help people.

They are affiliated with the Palestine Foundation (Click Here), which is a Christian group which brings medical and educational aid to the Palestinians. The foundation does some noble work; but on the geography page on their website, they refuse to acknowledge Israel at all. They give the area of Palestine as 26,323 km², which pretty much rules out any area left for Israel.

Though Christian, Palestinian-Chileans have become radicalized.

According to official sources, the stated aim of the foundation (translated as “Palestine-Bethlehem 2000”) is to provide “scholarships, medical and economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.” Yet, a Chilean government source described the organization to The Media Line (TML) as a lobby. The Anti-Semitism and Racism Institute claims that this foundation is the chief fund-raising organization in Chile for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Wealthy Palestinians from the Chilean community support the fund, which publishes the monthly journal, A-Damir. In celebration of its first anniversary on June 25, 2002, the foundation organized an event, attended by more than 1,000 invitees that included ministers, Members of Parliament, clerics, army officers and judges. Minister of the Interior Jose Miguel Insulza and Government-Secretary Heraldo Muoz both posed for a photograph, wearing a kafiyah decorated with a map depicting a Palestinian state that encompassed land that today is the entire state of Israel.

A Chilean source connected to the Chilean Intelligence Agency (CIA) told TML that this particular fund managed to collect $6m in one year, but that the funds do not always find their way to needy Palestinians. Instead, much of the money goes to charities identified with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization. According to the source, many of the fund’s activists are themselves members of another terror group – The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The CIA said that it has information concerning the trail of money from the foundation to Hamas, but declined to provide specifics.

So a lot of this charity has come under suspicion. However, it must be remembered that a lot of rumors and even lies float about concerning matters in the Mideast. Israel is not above putting out rumors to discredit its opponents. Of course, neither are the Arabs.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Diaspora Palestinians Set up Network to Build State

They admit at (1:21): “With half a million people of Palestinian origin Chile represents the largest Palestinian community outside of the Arab world.”

I do doubt Israel will even allow a Palestinian state; but it does show the clout of the Chileans in the world Palestinian community.

What was not mentioned was the overwhelming Christianity of the Chilean Palestinians.

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Chile’s Palestinian Radicalism-02

Yesterday, we examined, albeit incompletely, the radicalizaion of Palestinian-Chileans. We found that two reasons were

1) ethic pride,

2) a myopic historical which forgets that their ancestors were persecuted by Muslims.

The next reason we will examine is the creeping trend of Iranian and Saudi Islamic influence which is shooting throughout all of Latin America.

TeleSUR is a media project centered in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela which owns a 51% share.
Translated by someone better at Spanish than me

TeleSUR (TV South) is a media conglomerate financed by several left wing Latin American countries, with Venezuela financing a majority 51% share. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is a noted anti-Zionist and supporter of Iran. Naturally, this attitude saturates the Network.

In Buenos Aires, the Saudi funded King Fahd Mosque is now broadcasting Islamic propaganda on a program on Argentine Public TV.

El cálamo y su mensaje/The Quill and its Message1
Saudi Financed!

There has been a strong penetration of Oil Money in South America. Inspite of the still lingering Argentine anger of the Iranian bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994, Argentina, along with almost every other country in South America, recognized the Palestinian State.

If Chilean Arabs are Christian,
why the picture of a Mosque?

This cannot be chalked up to mere Arab nationalism. About half of the Arabs in South America are descended from Lebanese Maronite Christians whose ancestors fled Muslim slaughters in both the 19th and 20th centuries. Maronites tend to have a more Western viewpoint; and tend to moderate against strong anti-Israel sentiment. Christians of Syrian Orthodox descent would also harbor no illusions about the creeping militancy of Islamic advocacy.2 These may have no love for Israel, but they are not going to be given to anti-Israel extremism either.

Only Chile, and Honduras, have noticeably powerful Palestian communities which stand out from other Arabs.

Most of Latin America’s Arabs are Christians who were dhimmis before they emigrated.

What is going on is not merely ethnic pride, nor a myopic historical memory at work, nor even the echo of a Catholic culture’s latent anti-semitism, but a large infusion of cash and a massive effort by Islamic regimes to purchase Latin American influence.

Arab language classes are often held in mosques rather than in non-sectarian settings. Clearly the agenda is more than linguistics. Now, this would not be bad in an of itself, coming under the general heading of Freedom of Religion; but along with it comes a fierce anti-Israel world view.

Adding to the mix is a new Iranian Spanish language network called HispanTV which was meant to counter the Western Media. The program is similar to the English language PressTV3, which is a media shill for Iran.

Complaining about Israeli settlers in Silwan – Iran’s HispanTV

This is clearing Iran pushing an agenda. In America, PressTV is largely unknown. In South America, HispanTV may take off.

Already known is Iran’s use of South American drug running to generate money for Hezbollah.4

Both Arab and Iranian money are filtering into South America to push an Agenda.

In the next part of this discussion we will discuss Israeli mistakes: past, and present; and we’ll what Israel can do to correct this issue.

Palestinian Radicalism-01
Palestinian Radicalism-02
Palestinian Radicalism-03

1More worrying was that a popular Arab-Argentine Show, Desde El Aljibe/From the Well, which was secular and primarly run by Christian Arabs, was cancelled to make way for an Islamic show that almost no one wanted. 90% of Argentine Arabs are Christian. Suspicions run that money and Saudi influence were involved. Likely so, it indicates that Arab Oil Money is wreaking havoc in South America.

2Many Christian Syrians, both internally and externally, support the secular Bashir Assad against the Islamic insurgency.

3PressTV is a viciously anti-Israel network with a large satellite presence – though the UK has recently revoked its broadcast license – and an even larger internet presence . It regularly hosts holocaust deniers, “Jewish conspiracy” theorists, and a host of crackpots who are fobbed off as experts.

It is notable for only having female announcers that wear hijabs; most famously Lauren Booth, a half-sister of Tony Blair’s wife, and convert to Islam.

But its most famous star is the Stentorian British Parliamentarian George Galloway who has two programs on the network; and not just on Press TV: Galloway is on WBAI radio in New York, and has a show in Lebanon. He brags of his mixed Irish and Scottish background and his love for Palestine. Abstemious from alcohol – always a suspicious trait in a Celt – Galloway appeals to Britain’s radical left and Muslim vote. He is very hostile to Israel. After divorcing his first wife, a Christian; Galloway has gone through a succession of Muslim wives. Though Galloway refuses to admit it, the general opinion is that he converted to Islam; though no one is sure whether Sunni or Shi’a.

He would be relegated to the realm of lunatics, except that Galloway is arguably the best orator in the English language since Kennedy or Churchill. He commands a booming voice, and a rhetorical style that is positively breathtaking. He has bested newspaper critics, the Canadian government which sought to ban him, the British Labour party, and even the US Congress, whom he personally castigated before a Senate Committee. He has hosted a popular radio show in Britain and is now back in their Parliament, after winning an election by appealing to the Muslim vote, which is a scary thought in itself.

He is Press TV’s star, and his politics are scary.

4See Hezbollah builds a Western base (in Spanish)(Click Here). While some of the claims are exaggerated, there have been Hezbollah agents captured in the area. (Click Here). The Triple Frontier, where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil meet, has been a poorly policed smugglers paradise for decades, even before the rise of Islam. It should not surpise anyone that Hezbollah acts in the area. It is believed the crew which did the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires set out from the Triple Frontier.

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Chile’s Palestinian Radicalism-01

We will start off this category with a rather interesting video made by Palestinian-Chilean students in 2007. They seem to take an almost militant Palestinian line.

NOTE: I do NOT agree with its anti-Zionist views, but I wanted to translate the video accurately.

A Palestinian-Chilean version of the Jewish Birthright tours
Original Chilean Source: (Click Here)
Keep in mind, Chilean Palestinians are Christian

NOTE:I have been told the background music is by a
Sunni Lebanese which calls on Arabs to fight Israel.
To see the Arabic music with English subtitles: (Click Here)

I want you to look at that video above.

That first video above was made by some Chilean Students from Santiago, Chile in 2007. These were the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Christian-Palestinian immigrants to Chile. They are Christians. They are totally assimilated Chileans. Most Palestinian-Chileans have ancestors that arrived before 1930; before the present imbroglios. Some of these kids might be 4th or 5th generation Chilean. Yet, they put Sunni war music as the background for the pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


Chile has about half of the Palestinian-Christians on the planet, even more than in the contested areas of the Mideast. It was as if Muslims were strained out, and only Christians made it to Chile. They are 99% or more Christian. They now form a middle to elite class in Chile. A good portion of them are intermarried now, and part-Spanish, part-Italian, part-Basque, part-German, etc. In other words, well-integrated and upscale Chileans; fortunate to be in a Latin American democracy that is now considered first world. They are thoroughly Westernized one would think.

Yet, like Jews in America, who are discovering their Jewish roots, these children are re-discovering their Palestinian roots.


A part of this is ethnic pride, though in most Western Countries ethnic pride tapers off after 2 generations. This is running against the usual trend of assimilation, and seems to mirror Jewish identity politics. Both groups hang on to their roots. Competing Semitic identities.

Clearly, there is some outside meddling to reinforce this. Saudi and Iranian money are all over South America; but other factors are at work. Factors which cannot be explained by outside meddling.

The history of Palestinian identity politics go back long in Chilean history, back to the first major wave of immigrants in 18901, when the Chilean government, which was subsidizing European immigration, was met with waves of Arabs who were definitely not expected nor appreciated.

At first, they were savagely looked down on2; but within one generation, and with continuing immigration, they had started the social climb, and were on their way to real power.

By 1920, they had established a Chilean soccer team called the Palestinos.3, which would later become a major league soccer franchise in Chile. This sort of puts to death the claim that Palestinian identity was invented in 1964, by the PLO. The Palestinians in Chile were obviously calling themselves Palestinians by 1920 and probably before then.

By 1938, they set up Club Palestino, a prestigious social club in Santiago which is now a seat of power in Chile4.

In 1947 – long before the era of Muslim Oil Wealth, Chile’s Palestinians – by that time – had enough clout to have Chile’s pro-Zionist president change his ambassador’s vote to Abstain in the UN Partition Vote for Palestine. That is real power.

The Arabs were a joke elsewhere on the planet. By the 1940s, they were becoming an elite in Chile.

By the 1960s, some of the richest men in Chile were Palestinians and no one was laughing at them any more. They commanded respect, awe, and power.5

In many ways, they had mirrored the Jewish rise to power in America, and in much the same way and time frame.

By the 1970s, these formerly scorned were now looked up to as magnates of wealth and power.

The Pinochet dictatorship put a halt to much of this, but the Palestinian-Chilean power base re-emerged after the democracy was re-established; just in time for the First Intifada which was making world headlines. Chilean Palestinians were now jolted back to their beginnings.

However, their historical memory was being filtered rather selectively. The original Christian immigrants from Palestine had fled Turkish Muslim rule. They were terrified of their sons being drafted into a Turkish Army where it was not safe to be a dhimmi. One would have thought that alone would have diminished their enthusiasm for a cause which was getting more and more Islamic in nature. However, 100 years of safety in Chile seems to have fogged over that memory.

Immigrants who trickled in after 1948 and 1967 added to this (mis)focus6. These might only remember as far back as the Mandate era when the Muslims were held in check by the British. The refugees of ’67 could remember Zionist, and maybe British outrages, but usually had no experience of the greater Muslim outrages before the Mandate.

As the ancient memories of old Islamic terrors wafted away, the more pressing recent outrages of Zionists became the focus of attention.

Adding to the mess, TV brought images of Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the West Bank and suddenly Palestinian-Chilean interest was piqued.

Like an earlier generation of Jews, they did not remember that the tolerance of Muslim neighbors that grandfathr had spoken of was the consequence of either European rule which protected Christians, or European threats to intervene if Christians were attacked. They obviously forget the reason why the first wave of their ancestors had fled in 1890. It was to escape Islamic Turkish tyranny.

Humans being myopic, today’s Jewish misdemeanors angered the Palestinian-Chileans more than earlier Islamic felonies.

So Chile’s Palestinians have joined and seem to lead, the South American branch of the political Intifada.


The first two parts of the matter can be traced to two facts.

1) The Palestinian-Chileans have a strong ethnic pride

2) Palestinian-Chileans have a short-range historic memory

Neither is unusual. Palestinian-Chileans are not to be condemned for doing what everyone else does. Japanese-Americans will often send their children to Japanese school, so that the language will live on. Catholic children in New York City, of an earlier generation, went to Wednesday afternoon Catholic Catechisms. Jews, of course, still go to Hebrew School. So we can’t condemn the Palestinian-Chileans for wanting to maintain their heritage; but the only way we can explain their political involvement is if a Palestinian analog of Zionist organizations has arisen among them. This in itself would not be troubling; but it has started to exhibit Islamic overtones, which indicates that outside agendas, foreign to a Christian people, are being pressed into play.


There are two other factors at play.

3) Increasing Saudi and Iranian influence in South America

4) A myopic Israeli establishment which refuses to work out a deal of equality and enfranchisement with Arab Christians – in a divide and conquer strategy – and doesn’t try to use Chile’s Palestinians as a bridge betweem the Ummah and the West.

These I hope to discuss in a later discussion.

Palestinian Radicalism-01
Palestinian Radicalism-02
Palestinian Radicalism-03

1There is evidence of individual immgrants going back to the 1850s, but 1890 was the start of large scale Palestinian immigration.

2The paper El Mercurio would write in 1911, “Whether they are Mahometans or Buddhists, what one can see and smell from far, is that they are more dirty than the dogs of Constantinople…” Source Wikipedia: Palestinian Community in Chile.

3See: and

4Apparently, from their own website (Click Here) (in Spanish), they entered in an arrangement with the British Mandate, via the British Embassy in Chile. The list of founders indicates that even at this early date, they had become Chileanized, and were sporting Latin first names. The club has become quite prestigious over the years as this Wikipedia article claims (Click Here).

5At one point, the Yarur family controlled 60% of Chile’s textile industry. Now, they are heavily involved in banking.

6A similar thing happened to Jewish ethnic memory, which after the horrors of the European Holocast, tended to glamorize the tolerance of Islam over Europe. They brought up memories of Arab tolerance of Jews, forgetting that this Arab tolerance was the consequence of European colonial rule. Before colonial rule over the Arabs, which extended European rights and liberty to Sepharic Jews in Araby, the life of a Jew was horrific. But in 1945, very few living Jews could remember back that far, and the myth of Islamic tolerance was born. Recent scholarship has rooted out that error and re-discovered the brutality of Muslim and Berber regimes. It has been settled that it was not Islamic tolerance, but the standard colonial practice of extending protection to Sephardic Jews in the colonies which was the source of the tolerance, enforced by colonial rifles. Oddly enough, Muslim tolerance was really European tolerance; but after 1945, for obvious reasons, Jews were not thrilled with European tolerance.

This was particularly true in French-held Algeria where Sephardic Jews were awarded French citizenship in 1870; but the Arab had to renounce Islamic mores and adopt Western practices. This was considered apostasy and few Arabs went through the process.

To get a sense of what Jews had to endure in pre-colonial North Africa, the execution of Sol Huachel is instructive (Click Here). But after World War 2, such tyranny was overshadowed by the recent Holocaust, and the myth arose of tolerance.

Jewish Academics are starting to re-examine the whole era in a more unbiased light, and the myth of Islamic tolerance is crumbling. The Europeans did not so much as export anti-semitism to Araby; rather they exported a racialized variety of anti-Semitism to reinforce an already existing Islamic prejudice. No doubt the continued struggle with Islam has forced this re-assessment of Muslim tolerance among Jewish academics. It would be nice if more Christian academics followed suit.

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