Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Protest against Insults against Mohammed

Islamic March in Repudiation of the insults against the Prophet Mohammed

This is a video of a protest march against insults against Mohammed in São Paulo, followed by a discussion with a Syrian Orthodox Priest and a Protestant minister.

What has to be remembered is that

A) São Paulo has a very large Arab community; and may be the Arab Center of Brazil

B) The parade is relatively small

C) Metro São Paulo has about 30 million people and this is the the best they could do?!

D) If you look carefully, you can see that many of those people in the parade are not even Arab or Muslim, and may be in the parade just to protest a political incorrectness. Many of the women are not wearing hijabs, and I saw at least one Christian monk in the group. I have to wonder how much of this was Islam, and how much was simple Arab solidarity, which reigned in a lot of Chrisitans.

But pay attention:

A (4:01) we see Pastor Khalio Samara of the Arab Evangelical Church.

That should tell you something right there.

I am not denying that Islam is making inroads; but it does not take much effort to triple a community if the original size was very small.

But at some point Islam is going to run up against an Evangelical Church which is growing by millions upon millions every year.

This makes good TV fodder to scare you.

But while YouTube or TV notices a loud protest march, it ignores the millions who are converting in the other direction.