Friday, May 3rd, 2013

More on Chilean Arabs


From this site: Tripod Article
Palestinian-Chileans in front
of the Presidential Palace 1940 la Guía Árabe de Chile estimaba en 3.466 el número de árabes en Chile.

In 1940, the Arab Guide of Chile was estimated 3,466 as the number of Arabs in Chile.

That 1940 estimate was probably very low, as there are about 450,000 Chileans of Palestians ancestry today. (Over 100x as much). Besides, in 1947, the Chilean-Palestinians were able to persuade the Chilean government to abstain the on UN Palestine Partition Vote. If their numbers in 1940 were that small, they would not have had such clout a mere 7 years later.

One Hundred Years of Palestinians in Chile: New Paradigms

by Xavier Abu Eid

In addition to this social and economic development, the political skills of the community were also developed. In 1947, at the time of the partition plan for Palestine, a group of first-generation Palestinian students in Chile led by Alejandro Hales created a strong lobby that convinced the Chilean government to change its vote on the eve of November 29, 1947. Nevertheless, Alejandro Hales was later appointed as a minister and one of the main leaders against the Pinochet dictatorship. By that time, Chile was a strong supporter of the partition of Palestine. But even being a member of the “Chilean Committee for a Jewish Palestine,” President Gonzalez Videla cast his lot with those who abstained in the General Assembly vote.

El 81% de los árabes llegados a nuestro país lo hizo entre 1900 y 1930. Más del 60% de árabes que llegaban tenían entre 10 y 30 años.

81% of Arab arrivals made it to Chile between 1900 and 1930. More than 60% of the Arabs that arrived were between 10 and 30 years old.

The article in the link claims to be taken from the Arts y Letters Supplement of El Mercurio, Sunday April 14, 2002