Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Maronite Meal in Uruguay

This was a meal celebrating the history of Maronite Catholics given in Uruguay, where there are probably Lebanese, about 2% of the population.

Uruguay is heavily Italian, French, and Spanish, yet, the Lebanese have made their mark; one, Alberto Abdala, even rose to be Vice-President of Uruguay from 1967-72.

As an aside, there are only about 350 Muslims in Uruguay, about 0.01% of the population. Despite noticeable levels of Arabs in their populations, Islam is almost unknown in Uruguay and Chile.

Wikipedia reports three (3) Islamic centers in Montevideo.

For whom? 350 Muslims?! A two-room office should be more than enough for that number.

Where is the money coming for this?

What is clear is that Saudi, and Iranian money are coming into South America to propagandize the Latins.