Monday, October 15th, 2012

Harvest Festival, Mendoza

At the Fiesta de la Vendimia (Harvest Festival), where this dance occured in March 2012 – (remember March is the start of South America’s autumn) – these dancers were pulled by a tractor trailer with the name of Arab Car World. Not that a sign on the trailer says Arab Planet.

From Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina is a province in West Central Argentina with a capital city (of the same name). Greater Mendoza is the largest wine growing region of South America; and is also noted for olive oil production.

The climate is quasi-Mediterranean.

There are a lot of Arabs in the area.

They have an Islamic Center in Mendoza; but again, one has to remember that Islam is still weak in Argentina, and most Muslims are not practicing. Most Arabs in Latin America are Christian.