Thursday, May 9th, 2013

General Union of Palestinians Students


Banquet / Congress of Palestinian Students 2007

Don’t the $1500 fool you. That is Chilean Pesos.
Worth About $3 Dollars US.

Saint George Orthodox Cathedral

The General Union of  Palestinian Students (UGEP in Spanish) has some clout in Chile

According to the flyer (above) the General Union of Palestinian Students were having a banquest at the Orthodox Christian Cathedral of San George, in Santiago.

What is fascinating is how the Palestinians Students and the Orthodox Church have embraced a cause which is now saturated with Islamic overtones.

The Orthodox Church is rather upscale in Chile, now. Non-Arabs are converting into it. A glamourous cachet has been added to the Palestinian cause in Chile.

What is even more odd is that Chile has a record of being friendly to Jews. Chile took in Jewish refugees in 1940 when few other nations wanted them.

The Palestinian community has clout in Chile. Real clout. The Jewish community, though respected is small. The Palestinians outnumber them 30 to 1. And the Palestinians in Chile are well off.

Only the Evangelical Community is standing up to their anti-Israel stance.