Friday, June 28th, 2013

DT – 008 – Cumparsita in Plaza Dorrego

This is an older video posted in February, 2010; though the video itself may be a bit older. While there was tango posted on YouTube today, it was not really that great, so I went back to a classic video.

The song is the world famous Cumparsita (the little parade), the most famous tango ever written. The Uruguayans like to take credits, but a good portion of the composition was by an Argentine, Roberto Firpo.

The male dancer is a local legend called “EL INDIO” (the Indian) Pedro Benavente. The lady is Virgina Uva.

There is a massive subculture to tango in Argentina (and Uruguay). Its allure is crosses generational lines. Notice the children, youth, adults and elders in the crowd. Mothers have their infants with them, starting them off at an early age.

In Metro Buenos Aires – where one third of Argentina lives – they dance on the streets, the parks, the cafés, the schools, and pretty much everywhere. Any Palestinian immigrants will quick abandon any pretense of Sharia when confronted with the ubiquity of the tango.

If you think the Palestinian Muslims will be unassimilable, you have got to be kidding.

The Tango will shatter Sharia to shreds.

The Palestinians will assimilate.