Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

DT – 004 – Amazing Duo in Buenos Aires

Nothing Arab-Latin here, just my favorite tango – Libertango.

Performed in Buenos Aires’ pedestrian mall, Calle Florida

The poster says he taped the video in February, 2013, though he did not post it until Jun 12, 2013.

Libertango was written by Astor Piazzola, an Argentine composer. He published it in Milan in 1974, and revolutionized Tango.

Astor Piazolla blended classic music, jazz, and tango.

This video below is what Libertango sounds like when it is given the full treatment that Piazolla intended.

It is considered a classical masterpiece; but I thought that duo in the first video did good job of it in Buenos Aires.

Just a break from the politics. Enjoy!

PS: Islamic Sharia cannot compete with this.
I could not avoid politics altogether.