Friday, June 14th, 2013

Chile’s Mapuche upset with Palestinian-Chileans.

It seems in Chile, where Palestinian are rich, they are the oppressors of the indigenous people.

YOU CAN TRANSLATE THE WHOLE THING AT   Be warned. It is a legal document, so the translation is poor.


Carta a embajada Palestina por rol de chilenos-palestinos que atentan los derechos indígenas
June 10, 2013

Letter to Palestinian Embassy about the role of Palestinian-Chileans that violate Indigenous Rights.

… we are writing to denounce actions that violate indigenous rights seriously and have been committed by persons of Palestinian origin in Chile.

Why do you do the same to us that you criticize in Israel?

It seems a Palestinian activist ignored indigeous rights because his relatives had shares in some companies.

I guess humans are the same everywhere.