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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Honor Killing is still popular in Jordan

Mind you, Jordan is one of the more Westernized nations.

Whenever you hear about Israeli outrages, reflect on this video.

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Am I really that Crazy?

The Arab side of the story

I am amazed at how both camps (both Palestinian and Zionist) hate Oslo; but for completely different reasons.

And not just Oslo.

Allison Deger, of Mondoweiss ( a pro-Palestinian website) was upset the other day that that the Jahalin Bedouins were being moved to Nu’aimah (Nueimah). –

MONDOWEISS: Israel approves construction to transfer West Bank Bedouin

Meanwhile, Israel National News (a right wing Jewish media outlet) was upset that Israel was even giving the Arabs the city of Nu’aimah, at all. (Read comments) –

ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS: Yaalon Gives Green Light to PA City in Jordan Valley.

Both sides were upset that the Arabs should be moving to Nu’aimah, but for completely different reasons.

Allison Deger wanted the Arabs to stay in E-1 (the contested area outside Eastern half of Jerusalem); and not be forcibly transferred to Nu’aimah.

Right wing Israelis want the Arabs to have neither E-1 nor Nu’aimah.

 Disgraceful government building Arab tows while destroying J

Disgraceful Israeli government building Arab tows while destroying Jewish towns and settlements. The Israeli government has already decided to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and build another Arab state there. How many more Jews need to die because of this useless, incompetent, and corrupt government?

Shlomo, Jerusalem (1/6/13)

Shlomo does not mention  that part of the reason to give the Arabs  the city of Nu’aimah is to forcibly forcibly clear Jahalin Bedouins out of E-1.   An Arab settlement of Jahalin Bedouins is being destroyed, not a Jewish settlement.  He may not even  be aware of that side of the story.

The Gods toy with men

If this were not so damnably tragic, it would be funny.

This is no possibility for peace – at all – when the same action produces the same violent rejection on both sides – but for completely opposite reasons.

I am Christian, but this looks the Greek view of the Gods of Olympus who confound men with impossible predicaments for their amusement.

If so, this is Zeus’ best production yet.

You think I am crazy when I suggest a generously re-imbursed payment to move the Arabs of Judea and Samaria to South America. Maybe so! Maybe I am nuts.

But, frankly, both sides of the Mideast debate are so thoroughly opposed to each other that my suggestion is the only possible alternative to nuclear war.

It has gotten that severe.

This is all so tragic.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Tell Me the Arabs would not Assimilate

For those who think Palestinian Muslims will not assimilate in South America, look at what South Americans are like.

They are wild. There is no way that Islam could hold up in South America, unless it was indulged with isolation.

Calle Florida [Florida Street] – Buenos Aires
The Tango is: Por Una Cabeza

The Argentines dance in the street. Gender segregation would not hold up well in Argentina.

Caminito – La Boca – Buenos Aires

Any Palestinians Muslim immgrant would be hit with this every day when walking to the supermarket.

Their Sharia instincts would collapse in a few minutes.

Plaza Dorrego – Buenos Aires
The Tango is: La Cumparsite

Palestinian Muslims will have gender shock in a week. They will assimilate.

They teach tango to the kids in Kindergarten.

The Muslims won’t know what hit them.

The trick is to put them in public, not religious, schools.

Moving them to South America will work, if done wisely.

Don’t indulge their idiocies.

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