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Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Chilean Senator accuses IDF of Mapping Chile

From 2 days ago:

Chilean senator accuses IDF soldiers of mapping out country

Eugenio Tuma, of Palestinian descent, says undercover troops operating in the South American republic; has been accused of anti-Semitism

BY JTA October 27, 2013, 3:22 pm

Chilean lawmaker has said that undercover Israeli soldiers were “mapping out” his country.

Eugenio Tuma, a senator of Palestinian descent who has been accused before of anti-Semitic speech, said earlier this month on television that the soldiers were “dressed as civilians” and “mapping out the southern Chile region.”

Tuma, who chairs the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, added during his interview for the television show Controversia that the Chilean government “decided to do nothing given the power exerted by Israel and the US.”

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This is a variation of the Andinia Conspiracy Theory. Herzl at one point did consider buying land in South America to set up a Jewish state. Since then, Neo-Nazis in Argentina, and Chile, have accused Israelis of spying out Patagonia.

The Jewish State – Theodore Herzl

Shall we choose Palestine or Argentine? We shall take what is given us, and what is
selected by Jewish public opinion. The Society will determine both these points.

Argentine is one of the most fertile countries in the world, extends over a vast area,
has a sparse population and a mild climate. The Argentine Republic would derive
considerable profit from the cession of a portion of its territory to us. …

Of course, this was 117 years ago; and Argentina – NOT CHILE – was only considered as an alternative to Palestine; but that does not stop the conspiracy theoriests.

After their three years in the army, Israeli youth often take tours all over South America. The conspiracy fruit loops have taken this as proof of an imminent Jewish invasion.

Notice:This is coming from a Chilean Senator of Palestinian descent. Palestinians are represented well above their numbers in the corridors of power in Chile. He will probably get away with this.

Two years ago, an Israeli was accused of setting forest fires in Israel. (Click Here). So these things have taken on a life of their own.

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Arab-Chilean gave lecture in Tennessee

Al-Imad lectures history of Middle East conflict

By Jessica Mynatt

On Oct. 24, Professor Leila Al-Imad gave a summary of the long history of political conflicts in that area.

Her father was Lebanese and her mother was from Chile. She offered a unique perspective on the subject.

Professor Al-Imad explained how outside influences were causing changes in the Middle East.

“In the middle of the nineteenth century, nationalism hit the Middle East,” she said.

The idea of nationalism was coming from the west, and the idea of fundamentalism was coming from the east.

It became a cultural idea that problems were caused by people not living up to their religion, and this view encouraged the fundamentalist movement.

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From Tennessee: This was a few days ago.

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Jews from Arab countries: the forgotten refugees of 1948

Interesting article about Jewish Refugees from the Arab World found in an Jewish-Argentine Periodical: Iton Gadol News, the Jewish world in Spanish.

Jews from Arab countries: the forgotten refugees of 1948
Iton Gadol News – August 7, 2013

Itongadol. – The Google search for “1948 refugees” produces about 6 million results. Almost all (at least until page six) speak of Palestinian refugees, as if they were the only 1948 refugees. However, it is estimated that since the beginning of the 1948 war between Arabs and Israelis to the 1970s, about 1,000,000 Jews fled or were expelled from their ancestral homes in Muslim countries. 260,000 of these refugees came to Israel between 1948 and 1951 and comprised 56% of all immigration to the fledgling state.

While the facts are true, the presentation is a bit off. 1948 primarily saw Arabs being refugees. Most Jewish refugees came later.

Still, one can read the article. It is interesting. If you cannot read Spanish, a translation engine might help.

Argentina has a large and influential Jewish population.

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Colombians serving as Mercenaries in UAE Army

1,500 Colombian military, serving in the UAE Army INTERNACIONAL – August 8, 2013 (They are a few hours ahead of us)

The governments of Colombia and the United Arab Emirates are planning to finalize an agreement governing the arrival of the South American country’s military to Gulf state, attracted by high wages. As reported by Roberto Velez Vallejo, Colombian Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, currently about 1,500 soldiers are part of the UAE Armed Forces, which represents more than 50 percent of Colombians who live in that area and, as direct consequence of this migratory movement will more.

Translation was done by Google translation engine.

South America and the Arab countries are getting connected. Keep an eye on this.

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