Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Argentina sold Yellowcake to Israel

Argentina sold yellowcake to Israel for nuclear program

Foreign Policy report, based on previously classified documents released by U.S. National Security Archives, shows that Israel sought Argentina’s help to develop its nuclear program after France imposed an arms embargo on the Middle East.

Eli Leon

Argentina helped Israel develop its covert nuclear program by selling the Jewish state dozens of tons of uranium oxide, classified documents published by U.S. magazine Foreign Policy indicated on Monday. Yellowcake is a powdered form of uranium that can be used to fuel a nuclear reactor to produce plutonium for building weapons

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Wow! Put aside any notions that Argentina is anti-Semitic.

Supposedly, this was going on in 1964.

Now wonder Begin gave Argentina help during the Falklands War. (Click Here)

Actually, though there are incidences of Anti-Semitism in Argentina – as there are in every nation – Argentina has been relatively friendly – though not perfect  – to the Jews.

A Rabbi’s Tale – about Jews in Argentina
Note: (7:20) requirement for a Catholic President changed in 1994, not the 1980s, as the rabbi claims.
However, there were no religious requirements for other offices.

Birthright Israel – Jewish Argentines visit Israel (untranslated)

As this video shows, there are plenty of Jewish groups in Argentina