Friday, June 7th, 2013

006 – S.A. Assimilates Arabs

South America has a history of assimilating Arabs, and assimilating them quite well.

Argentina is 9% Arab. ( Mix of Lebanese, Syrian, etc.)
Brazil is 7½% Arab. (Heavily Lebanese Christian)
Venezuela is 6% Arab. ( Mix of Lebanese, Syrian, etc.)
Chile is 5% Arab (most of whom are Palestinian Christians).
Uruguay is 2% Arab (almost all Lebanese).

Over all, about 25 million people in South America have some Arab ancestry.

It is true that most came in as Christian Arabs, but not all.

40% of Arab-Argentines have a Muslim ancestor, yet only 10% of Arab-Argentines are Muslim. This indicates a high rate of assimilation.

In our following posts on this series we will discuss costs and plans.

Source: Muslims in Argentina – Pedro Brieger

… 40% are estimated to have been Muslims or children or grandchildren of Muslims

In the end, Argentina is only 1% Muslim, and that number seems to be falling.

Moreover, South America is in the midst of an Evangelical Revival. The cultural influence to convert and assimilate will be even greater, today.

– May I suggest that paying the 2± million Palestinians to move to South America is doable.

– May I suggest that South America can indeed absorb the Arabs. It already has.

– May I suggest that if these Arabs came in with money, South America might accept them

– May I suggest that 2 Million Arabs in South America, a continent of 400 Million people, almost all of whom are Christian, would be statistically insignificant

– May I suggest that over time, they would convert to either Catholicism, or the emerging Evangelicalism in South America.

So, who would pay for this?

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