Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Who is Xavier Abu Eid?

Well, before we address that question, that name should pop out at you.

Linguistically, it signals a propagandistic nom de plume.

Xavier is a Christian-Spanish/Basque name. The name derives from the Basque, etxe berri, which means “new home.” It was the name of one of the founders of the Jesuit Order, Francis Xavier.

This would be blantantly obvious in Chile, where 1/4 of the population is of Basque ancestry.

But Abu Eid is an Arabic name. “Eid” which means festival, and can refer to various Islamic religious festivals.

So his name Xavier Abu Eid can be interpreted as signalling:

Devout Catholic son of the Islamic feast

It is linguistically, and religously, a total contradiction. It makes no sense.

The name is clearly a pen name meant to bridge the natural reticence that most Chileans (who are Christians) would feel towards Muslim Palestinians.

So who is Xavier Abu Eid?

He is a Chilean member of the Palestinian Authority, and their spokeman to Latin America.

Below are some of his Internet Social contact sites.


All of this is easily locatable on the internet

His Twitter Account:

He works for the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, as his Twitter account links to:

He speaks English and Spanish. (As the PLO Website gives at the bottom of the page) (Media Advisory: Media contacts page)
Xavier Abu Eid (Mobile number: 0598 950 300) English and Spanish.

His Linkedin page

So this guy is a member of the PA (PLO) in some capacity. He speaks English, Spanish, and probably Arabic. So he seems to be a trilingual media heavyweight.

From November, 2012

On South America’s TeleSur

So what do we know about this Xavier Abu Eid?

1) He is Chilean

2) He is a political scientist, and advisor to the PLO, as well as one of their chief spokesmen.

3) He went to Universidad Diego Portales (Diego Portales University) in Chile.

4) He has media clout in Latin America, though he is unknown in the USA.

5) Being Chilean, he is almost certainly Christian.

6) He writes for Al-Damir, a Palestinian-Chilean Magazine, run by the Fundación Belen (Bethlehem Foundation), which also exhalts Arab-Chileans in Chilean Life. It claims to have a Christian emphasis, but some have suspected it of working with Hamas.

The Media Line

A Chilean source connected to the Chilean Intelligence Agency (CIA) told TML that this particular fund managed to collect $6m in one year, but that the funds do not always find their way to needy Palestinians. Instead, much of the money goes to charities identified with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization.


To be fair: Rumors probably are hurled at this group. Still, if – and that is a big if – the rumors are true, this supposedly Christian group is merely a facade.

What is clear is that Al-Damir is sponsored by major advertisers. Coca-Cola and Air Canada advertize in Al-Damir. So, if they are funnel money to Hamas, this really should be snuffed out soon; or some major transnationals are going to be embarrassed.

So this Xavier Abu Eid is big, even if you never heard about him.

When I first started researching on Arabs in Latin America, Mr. Abu Eid’s name popped up all over the place.

However, as I think I have shown on this website, his cause is flawed.

But since the West seems to be ignoring Latin America, Mr. Abu Eid holds a lot of sway. He merits watching.