Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

This is Important People

Latin America has almost half the world’s Catholics. Whether or not you agree with Catholicism, that is a lot of Catholics. The Vatican found Latin America to be so important that they elected an Argentine Pope, today.

Prior to the election, the Catholic Church took Latin America for granted. This was a big mistake. Catholicism is fading in Latin America. Latins are moving to secularism or Evangelical Christianity. Whether you think this is good or bad, what is important is that the Vatican realized Latin America is worth fighting for; and is now doing something about it.

Not only the Catholic Church, but the Muslim world has started to realize the importance of Latin America. Iran has started up HispanTV to broadcast its propaganda throughout Latin America. Saudi Arabia finances mosque building throughout the continent.

So what does America, Europe, and Israel do?

They ignore Latin America.

This is no longer excuseable.

Latin America has an incredible history of taking in millions of Arabs, Westernizing them, assimilating them – and where necessary – Christianizing them.

We should pay attention.

We have something to learn from Latin America. It is about time that we paid attention, even as the Vatican did today.