Abbas in Chile – 2009

When an Israel Prime Minister comes to the USA, he or she is feted by various Jewish groups: The B’nai Brith, AIPAC, etc.

But the Palestinians are elites in Chile.

So when Abbas comes to Chile, he is feted by Chilean Palestinians. This video is of Abbas at Club Palestino, one of the most prestigious social clubs in Chile founded in 1938.

In 1938. Another blow to the absurd claim that the Palestinian identity was invented in 1964. Actually, as noted, Palestinian identity can be traced further back in Chile, at least to 1920, with the founding of the Palestinian Soccer Club. And if the Club was named Palestino in 1920, there must have been an ethnic identity predating 1920.

Abbas en Chile from Javier on Vimeo.
Look how rich these Palestinian-Christians are