A Powerful Community

The Palestinian Community in Chile is powerful. About 500,000 Chileans are Palestinian in whole or part – roughly 2.5% of Chile’s overall population.

Another 300,000 Chileans are Lebanese or Syrian, etc., in origin. However, because the Palestinian-Chilean are the majority within the Arab community, they have above average clout.

Their demographic numbers and wealth can influence the debate among Chile’s other Arabs, and among Chileans in general. Palestinian-Chileans affect Chile’s policy at a national level.

The closest equivalent, oddly enough, is the political power of American Jewry.

117 Refugees came to Chile and it was major national news

Their community has gained an international reputation, and is being noticed.

The above report was by Telesur, a biased Venezualan outlet.

November 26, 2017 – Edited text, and corrected dead video link. Also combined two pages as redundant.