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Saturday, June 8th, 2013

DOTD – 013 – Temple of Goddesses

Posted on YouTube: Jan 29, 2013
Posted on this site: May 12, 2017 – after original video was taken down.

This is their facebook page(Templo de Diosas).

This was from Venezuela.

Their website is down.

29 November, 2017 – Edited – Had to edit link to Facebook (FB), and also remove a second Dancer of the Day (DOTD) post concerning this group, because clearly they are not maintaining their FB page properly, and their website is down. I keep this post up, only as a relic.

May 12, 2017 – Edited – The website was down. Had to remove link. Replaced it with a facebook link, which seems up to date. The YouTube Channel is still up; but not up to date. Had to replace original video on this post with another one that was working.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Venezuela Criticizes Israeli Attacks on Syria

El jefe de Estado venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, durante un acto como parte de su Gobierno de calle en el estado Miranda (centro), destacó que Venezuela es “un pueblo de corazón abierto, y por eso rechaza los ataques de Israel contra Palestina y Siria”.

The Chief of the Venezuelan State (president), Nicolas Maduro, during a Government event from street in Miranda State (center), declared that Venezuela is “an open-hearted people, and therefore rejects Israel’s attacks against Palestine and Syria.”.

I do not know what Palestine had to do with yesterday’s Israeli attacks on Syria, but the President just threw that in there for good measure.

This is coming from Venezuela, by a President who was hand picked by Hugo Chavez to succeed him. Chavez had set up a government policy which was very hostile to Israel.

Apparently, Mr. Maduro, is following in Chavez’s anti-Israel footsteps.

You would have to expect this from a Venezuela under a Chavista president.

Ecuador – under a government similar to Venezuela’s – also criticized Israel.

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The PA Has A Trade Agreement with MercoSur

PA signs free trade agreement with Mercosur

Published Wednesday 21/12/2011 (updated) 26/12/2011 16:55

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority signed a free trade agreement on Tuesday with South American trading bloc Mercosur.

Okay, this is old news I dug up, but it shows an attitude that South America has with the Palestinians. It is an official pro-Palestinian attitude that you would not see in the United States.

Mercosur is a South American trading bloc with includes Argentina, Brazil Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venuezuela.

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

(Her) Baby in Arab Dance

Video titled My Baby in Arab Dance

Video is from Venezuela.

As you see, it is considered acceptable in South America to start young ladies in Arab Dance very young,

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