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Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Tamara, the woman behind Syrian refugees

Tamara, the woman behind Syrian refugees in Argentina

Tamara Lalli brings an anecdote by the Santiago del Estero-born percussionist Domingo Cura. The story goes that on Sundays the ground in the Argentine Northern province moves down because Syrian women are cooking the traditional Middle East Kibbe dish as they rhythmically pound the meat and wheat using their pestles and mortars.


But the homeland Tamara was born in and left when she was 11 years old is changing forcing thousands to flee across its borders and seek refuge in the Southern part of the world as rebel groups continue to defy the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

New immigration: The exodus

Only in the past two years Argentina has received more than 300 Syrian families most of them staying in Buenos Aires. Although visa procedures might turn “bureaucratic”, the South American country is among the few granting assistance to those swelling in the list of this 21st century exodus. “In Europe this is impossible”, Tamara affirms and adds that Arab neighboring countries have long decided to reject entry to her countrymen.

The Syrian-Lebanese community in Argentina accounts actually for around10 percent of the country’s 40-million population.

Tamara Lalli is the daughter of Toufic, a Syrian-Lebanese who married Neife, an Argentinean descendant from Syrians. She was born in Yabrud located 80 km north of the capital Damascus. She has two sisters. A non-practicing Muslim, she married an Argentine Christian and allowed her two daughters to choose their own religion. “One is a Christian, the other one is still thinking about it”, Tamara says.

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Clearly, this women assimilated; and so did her daughters, one of whom has already chosen Christianity.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Syrians Flee to South America

Some stories

Syrian refugee flees all the way to Colombia to escape the violence at home
24 June 2013

BOGOTA, Colombia, June 24 (UNHCR) – Millions of Syrians have been displaced internally by their civil war or fled abroad, but few have gone as far as Ahmed to escape the violence. Now he is a refugee in Bogota, learning Spanish so he can support himself in Colombia.

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Argentina: An Exile Destination for Syrians Escaping the Conflict
14 February 2013

The ongoing political conflict in Syria, opposing rebel factions to government forces, has generated an influx of Syrian immigrants to Argentina since its beginning in 2011. Due to the existence of an important Syrian community in the country, many of those who had relatives here chose Argentina as their exile destination, as the lack of security and the paralysation of the economic activity in Syria obliged many families to leave their homeland.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Argentine consulate in Damascus has seen the number of demands for visas increase by 40%.

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Published on YouTube on Sep 5, 2013

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The Flight of Syrian Christians

While everyone acknowledges that the Bashir Regime is abject tyranny, it at least protected Christians, Alawites, Druze, and minorities.

Now that the FSA (Free Sryian Army) is in control of much of the country, Salafis (Wahabbi extremists) are taking over; and Christians are being persecuted and having to flee.

This is typical of so much of Mideastern history where Christianity has been slowly withered down throughout the ages since Islam took over.

What we may be watching is the last ethnic cleansing of Christians from the Mideast. Christians have already had to flee Iraq after Saddam was toppled. Whatever the faults of Ba’athism, it protected the Christians. As Syria’s Ba’athists are falling, Christians are now being driven out of Syria. Christians are losing their power in Lebanon. The end game is over and Christianity has lost.

This has been a long war. When Islam first took control of Egypt, Christians were the majority for centuries afterward, with only an Islamic elite in power. But Islam sets up disciminatory tax laws which unfairly burden those who refuse to convert. Moreover, any interfaith marriages must be set up where the kids will be Muslim. For ex: Muslim men can have Christian wives, but not the reverse; since religion is determined by the father. Even today in Egypt, a Christian can convert to Islam, but not the reverse.

Slowly, this tyranny erodes Christianity until Islam is demographically set.

Predatory laws like that have whittled away at Christians for centuries. It has been asserted that at the time of the Crusaders, the majority of people in the area were still Christian, and the Crusaders were seen as liberators, contrary to historical revisionism. Yes, the Crusaders acted viciously and badly; but some of the population – certainly the Maronites – preferred them to Muslim rule.

It has been a long slow process, but a determined one. Now, Islam is about to ethnically cleanse the Mideast of the remaining Christians.

There are not that many left.

Between Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, there are probably 5 million Christians left.

Maybe the West can set up funds for their flight. Latin America could easily absorb a lot of them. They already have. The USA, France, and Spain could take some more in.

These Christian Arabs would constitute 1% of the population if they all went to Latin America. Not enough to create a demographic shock.

Maybe it is time that the Christian world acted in concert to help their own, just like Jews and Muslims do.

NOTE: I am not including the Christian Copts of Egypt who are also under threat. They are eight to nine million strong and may be too many to bring out. They are also the core remnant of the original pre-Islamic Egyptians, and there is something obnoxious about surrendering to Islam in Egypt, when Egypt used to a major center of Christianity.

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