Friday, November 9th, 2012

Recoleta, Chile elects Palestinian Mayor

Recolta is a prosperous municipality in the Greater Santiago Metropolitan Area.

Apparently, Señor Jadue is of Palestinian background. As noted elsewhere, the Palestinians in Chile are elites. They have great financial, and political clout.

This report is by HispanTV, a recently opened Spanish language propaganda network in Latin America, run by the Iranians. As you see they are trumpeting up the Palestinian aspect of the election.

However, one should remember that over 99% of Palestinians in Chile are Christian … YES! Christian.

Over half of them have ancestors who arrived in Chile before 1930. In fact, their migration was primarily due to a flight from earlier persecutions by the Ottoman Turks, not by the later Zionists – though a smaller portion did arrive as a consequence of the ’48 and ’67 wars.

They are well settled in.