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Monday, August 4th, 2014

Why is Latin America Coddling Hamas?

Why is Latin America Coddling Hamas?

Five countries — Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru — have recalled their ambassadors from Israel, a harsh step rarely taken in the diplomatic world. When was the last time they pulled their envoys from any other nation, including serial abusers of human rights such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria?

An article from Algemeiner – a pro-Israel/Jewish site.

Originally from: Miami Herald

The author asked: Why is Latin America Coddling Hamas?

The answer is simple: Over 20 Million Arab-Latinos in Latin America. Israel has ignorned them. The Arab countries have not. Though most (90% plus) Arab-Latinos are Christian, they have been propagandized against Israel by Saudi and Iranian propaganda.

Chile has 500,000 Palestinian-Chileans (Almost all Christian) who are elites in their country. 3x the number of Christian Palestinians in the Mideast. They are a power bloc in Chile.

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

DOTD – 022 – Aswam dances

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Clarifying Ideas – El Salvador

This is a program called Clarifying Ideas from El Salvador.

I wish my Spanish were better, but his general topics on this show were Arab culture and the Palestinians.

Notice that the speaker’s is named Kattán, which is an Arabic surname. (Hint: Qattan)

As best as I can tell, this gentlemen is pushing an Islamic, as well as Arabic, point of view on his program.

Salvador has many Arabs among them.

Ironically, a former President of El Salvador (2004-2009), Antonio Saca, was a descendant of Palestinian Catholics from Bethlehem, now under a degree of Israeli martial law (it is bordered by the wall).

Even more ironically, Antonio Saca, though descended from Catholics, is a strong Evangelical Protestant.

Even more more ironically, El Salvador was the last country to have its embassy in Israel’s Jerusalem – considered a show of support for Israel’s claim to Jerusalem.

Almost all embassies are now in Tel Aviv.

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