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Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

1941 Social Guide to the Arab Colony in Chile


Social Guide to the Arab Colony in Chile
Syrian – Palestinian – Lebanese

Notice: It was published in 1941, under the Auspices of The Palestinian Club. This community was already rich and influential by the 1940s.

Notice also that they did not call themselves South Syrians.  I have nothing against Israel, but the Palestinians had a Palestinian identity by that time. It was not invented in 1964 as some claim it was. Look at the booklet cover. It says Palestina, not Sursiria (South Syrian).  Palestinian is clearly called out as their identity.

Again, it is not anti-Israel to admit the truth. They had a collective identity even by that early date.

From the National Library of Chile


Friday, August 5th, 2016

El Hob Halal – Oriental Passion – Al Nur Academy

Posted on YouTube: Aug 5, 2016

El Hob Halal means Love is not forbidden.

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Saturday, July 30th, 2016

PLO’s Ashrawi Meets Official Leftist Chilean Delegation

Source: Palestine News Network July 26, 2016

Ashrawi meets with an official Chilean delegation — of Leftists

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met with an official Chilean delegation of Members of Parliament, journalists and Palestinian leaders from the Chilean community yesterday in Ramallah. The delegation was accompanied by the Chilean Representative to the State of Palestine Francisco Javier Bernales Errázuriz.

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The Palestinian-Chilean Community, though heavily Christian, supports the Palestine cause, and this has twisted Chile’s foreign policy. Palestinian-Chileans are rich and activist, and punch well above their numbers in the population of Chile. With the delegation was a famous Chilean Lefist, Camila Vallejo.

Original Video: (Click Here)

Again, you would not see antics like these from American Congressmen.

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Brazilians Detain Lebanese Suspected Of Links To Hezbollah

Source: BIOBIO Chile Friday, July 29, 2016

The São Paulo military police arrested Nabha Lebanese Fadi Hassan, [on] Thursday night, suspected of having links with Shiite group Hezbollah , reported [by] the institution, one week before the start of the Olympic Games in Brazil.

[The] 42-year-old suspect was wanted by Interpol since 2013 on charges of international drug trafficking. He was arrested in the city of Caieiras, in the Sao Paulo metropolitan cord, said a note of the military police reported on its website. … (Read More)

Translated by Chrome app. I made some minor grammatical corrections: errors common to all translation engines. They always fail with pronouns and articles.

The News Source is Chilean, though the story concerns Brazil.

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Lebanese Tabouli on CNN Chile

Posted on YouTube: September 29 2015

Quite mainstream in Latin America.

Again, when dealing with the Lebanese, many Lebanese-Latins are Maronite Christians, a sect affiliated with Roman Catholicism – where priests can be married. The Maronites, almost alone among the Arabs – though the Maronites often call themselves Phoenician, not Arab – looked westward. While other Arabs dreamed of the Caliphate, the Maronites looked to France for protection for centuries.

Source: English Monday, June 7, 2010

A debate over national identity has raged in Lebanon since the start of the 20th century with many Maronites, the dominant Christian sect in the multi-confessional country, claiming direct ancestry from the Phoenicians in a bid to stand apart in the largely Muslim Middle East.

Frankly, many Maronites despise other “Arabs.”


There are 90,000 Lebanese-Chileans. In Chile, the Palestinian Christians predominate at around 500,000 ±. (Figures can vary, due to intermarriage.)

Officially, there are 1.5 Million Lebanese-Argentines, almost half of the Arabs in Argentina. They are in a rough parity with Syrian-Argentine Christians. And there are some Muslims in Argentina.

There are an astounding 7 Million Lebanese-Brazilians (in whole or part-Lebanese). The Lebanese-Brazilians are 65% Roman Catholic, indicating a probable Maronite background. 20% are East Orthodox Christian. Wikipedia lists 15% of them as Sunni, Shi’a or Druza. (That latter number is probably inflated.)

What is clear is that the Maronite Lebanese are the majority of Lebanese in Latin America; and often almost half of any Latin country’s Arab population.

The Maronites were not as hostile to Israel as other Arab groups (Muslim or Christian). Given their (quasi)-Catholicism and Western outlook, they tend to blend in seamlessly in Latin America, without taking strong positions regarding the Mideast conflicts. They can moderate radical Arab influence, except in Chile and Honduras where the Palestinian Christians have real power.

The Lebanese Maronites tend to blend in very well in all Western countries. Here in America, they are exceptionally well assimilated.

Posted on YouTube: July 25, 2014
Danny Thomas dancing with Uncle Tonoose (Hans Konreid)
Assimiled by the 1950s!

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