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Friday, May 12th, 2017


If you are like most Americans (or Europeans), you probably know very little about Chile. The Arabs, however, know a lot about Chile. If Sicilians, Greeks and Dubliners want to move to New York, the Arabs want to move to South America. Chile is particularly interesting to Palestinian Arabs as the largest number of Palestinians, outside the Mideast, lives in Chile.

Very interesting Arabic language videos about Chile. I do not speak Arabic, so I use a translation app, which you can get (Here). It’s free.

Posted on YouTube: September 27, 2016

Look at comments in Arabic under the video (Click Here). The app can translate them for you. You will notice that Chile beckons large in the Arab mind.

The reason Chile is not overrun with Arabs is that it sets high barriers for immigrants, but still Chile is five percent (5%) Arabic in ancestry, and they are a very powerful constituency.

This next video below is a set of reasons why Arabs should consider migrating to Chile. Unfortunately, the translation app does not translate writing on video.

Why is Chile so attractive to Arabs?

Central Chile has a sort of subtropical Mediterranean Climate very similar to coastal Israel (Palestine), Lebanon, Syria, or North Africa – well, except for the cold ocean water; the Mediterranean is much warmer than the Humboldt Current off of Chile. Other than that, the climate is identical. Perfect for Arabs. And there is an internationally well known (At least to Latinos and Arabs) Palestinian community in Chile. Very powerful and rich.

South America has a history of absorbing Arabs well.

Posted on YouTube: August 3, 2017

And, this is not just Chile. Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil all have large Arab constituencies.

This can no longer be ignored. The Arabs and Latins are well aware of each other and are starting to form trading blocs.

Source: Arabs must know Latin America
Sunday, 15 November 2015

The idea of a Latin American-Arab summit started 10 years ago thanks to Lula da Silva, Brazil’s former president. However, until now only four summits have taken place, the last in Riyadh. There is a lot in common in the histories of Arab and Latin American countries. Both were subjected to harsh colonialism, and much of the colonial legacy and its memory continue to this day.

(Read More)

Note: The writer underestimates the number of Arabs in South America. It is around 25 milllion, not 15. One has to remember that many Lebanese Christians will often not self-identify as Arabs. This can lead to very odd results where demographics may list the Lebanese as outnumbering the Arabs in a given country.

This site is set up so my fellow Americans (and Westerners) can apprise themselves of what is really going on …

May 12, 2017 – Edited: Move here, from a front page post.
November 24, 2017 – Edited: Had to replace a dead video link..

Friday, May 12th, 2017


When dealing with Latin America, most of the Arab ethnicities in those countries are either of Lebanese Christian or Syrian Christian extraction. Yes, there are other ethnicities as well; but they tend to be smaller.


Not just Chile, but Honduras and El Salvador has a prominent Palestinian population as well.  However, since Chile is now a first world nation, and since Chile is an economic powerhouse in Latin America, it is Chile which we will pay attention to the most, in this series.

What one has to know is that Arabs are roughly 5% of Chile’s population;  but in Chile, the Palestinians are roughly 60% of the Arabs or 3% of Chile’s population.

They are rich, well-connected, powerful, and influential. They are also Christian, about 99% Christian, often Orthodox Christian.


I am not saying this in support of the Palestinians; but it is just a statement of fact. Palestinian lobbies in Chile are extraordinarily powerful, and they work against Israel.

PALESTINE FOREVER Part 1 – Federación Palestina of Chile – Posted on YouTube: March 23, 2015

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Palestine Federation of Chile Supports Hunger Strikers

Posted on YouTube: May 10, 2017

And three major Politicians have come out to support the hunger strikers.

What I think he is saying:

From Chile – Deputy of the National Congress, I send my support to all the people, to all the women, to all the child, to all our fellow deputies [Israel has imprisoned Palestinian legislators] that today are imprisoned unjustly and for this, I put salt in my water and drink it in support

From what I can gather, he is a Deputy in the Chilean National Congress. He seems to be non-Palestinian, but his wife, Maria Yarur Arrasate is of Arabic descent. (Click Here). Deputy de Mussey was connected to a Chilean tax case – and called to testify. He asserts his innocence, and it looks like he might be.

To those unaware: At this time, Palestinian prisoners in Israel are hunger striking. Supporters are being asking to publicly drink salt water in support of them, as hunger strikers only take salt water to survive.

I am not saying I am in support of this, but the Palestinians in Chile are very anti-Israel; and they have brought in powerful politicians to their cause.

Here are two more politicians:

Posted on YouTube: May 10, 2017

Posted on YouTube: May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

From Egypt – Hany Morgan in Arica, Chile

Posted on YouTube: May 10, 2017

Mr. Morgan is teaching Sephora (Sephardic) percusssion to a group of young ladies.

This can be tricky, as Sephardic usually refers to the Jews of North Africa. So I do not know if Mr. Morgan is Jewish or Arab. However, as is clear, they are more interested in the culture than the conflict.

Source: Their YouTube Channel.

As is noted, this subculture is very big in South America, extending beyond the root ethnicities.

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