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Thursday, August 30th, 2012

The Fans of Palestine C.D.

Even without translation it is worth watching

C.D. = Club Deportivo (Sports Club)

These are the fans of the Palestine Football (Soccer) Club in Santiago. They call themselves Baisanos, instead of Paisanos, because their Arab ancestors could not pronounce the letter P.

They wave Palestinian Flags and sport their colors.

The club was founded in 1920 by Palestinian immigrants and their sons. This sort of shows that some sense of Palestinian identity predated 1964 – giving a rebuke to the claim that no Palestinian identity pre-existed the formation of the PLO.

The team and the fans have gotten radicalized. They will often spout Pro-Palestinian slogans, and hold up signs which deny Israel’s existence.

My point here is not to glorify their radicalism, but to point out that the Palestinian community is well embedded in Chile.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Chilean Doctors Go to Palestine

The reason the translation is so good is because someone else did it.

Chile has the world’s largest Palestinian-Christian population.

Being elite, they have clout like Jewish groups do in the USA. This was a group of doctors who regularly go to Palestine to help people.

They are affiliated with the Palestine Foundation (Click Here), which is a Christian group which brings medical and educational aid to the Palestinians. The foundation does some noble work; but on the geography page on their website, they refuse to acknowledge Israel at all. They give the area of Palestine as 26,323 km², which pretty much rules out any area left for Israel.

Though Christian, Palestinian-Chileans have become radicalized.

According to official sources, the stated aim of the foundation (translated as “Palestine-Bethlehem 2000”) is to provide “scholarships, medical and economic aid to the Palestinian Authority.” Yet, a Chilean government source described the organization to The Media Line (TML) as a lobby. The Anti-Semitism and Racism Institute claims that this foundation is the chief fund-raising organization in Chile for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Wealthy Palestinians from the Chilean community support the fund, which publishes the monthly journal, A-Damir. In celebration of its first anniversary on June 25, 2002, the foundation organized an event, attended by more than 1,000 invitees that included ministers, Members of Parliament, clerics, army officers and judges. Minister of the Interior Jose Miguel Insulza and Government-Secretary Heraldo Muoz both posed for a photograph, wearing a kafiyah decorated with a map depicting a Palestinian state that encompassed land that today is the entire state of Israel.

A Chilean source connected to the Chilean Intelligence Agency (CIA) told TML that this particular fund managed to collect $6m in one year, but that the funds do not always find their way to needy Palestinians. Instead, much of the money goes to charities identified with Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization. According to the source, many of the fund’s activists are themselves members of another terror group – The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The CIA said that it has information concerning the trail of money from the foundation to Hamas, but declined to provide specifics.

So a lot of this charity has come under suspicion. However, it must be remembered that a lot of rumors and even lies float about concerning matters in the Mideast. Israel is not above putting out rumors to discredit its opponents. Of course, neither are the Arabs.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Diaspora Palestinians Set up Network to Build State

They admit at (1:21): “With half a million people of Palestinian origin Chile represents the largest Palestinian community outside of the Arab world.”

I do doubt Israel will even allow a Palestinian state; but it does show the clout of the Chileans in the world Palestinian community.

What was not mentioned was the overwhelming Christianity of the Chilean Palestinians.

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