Friday, March 15th, 2013

Syrian-Lebanese Club in Santos, Brazil

57th Anniversary of Syrian-Lebanese Club in Santos Brazil

santos_brazil_mapSantos is a city of 400,000 on the coast, in the São Paulo province in South Brazil. These people are almost certainly all Christian or close to it.

The Lebanese-Christian immigrants to Brazil, and to the rest of the Americas, can trace their roots back to a flight from Turkish and Muslim persecutions. Syrian Christians came to the New World also.

During the Lebanese Civil War, there was a further migration of Lebanese Christians to Brazil.

Brazil is now about 7½% Arab in ethicity. Lebanese Kibbe is now a national dish in Brazil; and can be bought from street vendors everywhere. Of course, there is also a major food chain called Habib’s which serves a mix of Western and Lebanese fast food.

Arabs in Brazil are a major force.