Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Support Gaza March – Chile 2012

More of the previous post below. The sign at (0:21) says
End the Criminal Blockade against Gaza – Long live Free Palestine!
At (0:49) the sign says: Stop (lit: Brake) the Killing of Children in Palestine

Again, the Palestinians in Chile has real clout.

The Chilean Palestinians are Christian. Israel should have a long talk with these people. These Chilean Palestinians should not be supporting a sharia regime in Gaza.

Many of the protesters, however, are not Palestinians, but generic Chileans. Notice the Communist Party flags.

They marched to the Israeli Embassy, where they called for a boycott of Israel. (See previous post)

Israel has really dropped the ball in South America.

Chile is an emerging first world nation. It cannot be ignored. Yet, Israel has failed to communicate to these people what Islam means.

Look at those young ladies in short skirts and low necklines. Were they in Gaza, they would be shot for honor killings. It is insane that they support Gaza.