This site is about an attempt for peace; an attempt to demolish all stereotypes and think outside the box.

– If you came to this site to find some bigot who trashes Zionists, then forget it. Go somewhere else.

– If you came to this site to find some bigot who trashes Arabs, then forget it. Go somewhere else.

– If you came to this site to find some politically correct defense of this or that foreign policy, then forget it. Go somewhere else.

– This site is going to examine an aspect of Arab and Latin History than most of the world knows nothing about.

– This site is going to examine the present conditions in Latin America, and the Arab World, to see if peace can be obtained (even if only partially) by taking unique advantage of the history of Latin America vis a vis Arabs.

What happened?

Desde El Aljibe – Argentina Public TV – 2005
Credit/Source: ElAljibedetodos
NOTE: At the ending there are Argentine sponsors, and Argentina’s Channel 7 credits

In the spring of 2011, as I was studying my Spanish, I wandered by accident on to a serious of internet videos and websites which showed an amazing Arab subculture in South America.  I had not expected this at all, let alone the enormity of it.

The more I researched it, the more I was utterly amazed.   Each video lead to 10 more. Each website to 20 more.  Pretty soon, I had discovered a mighty, thriving subculture that few people outside of Latin America knew about.

What I found out?

To my utter amazement I found out:

1) There are more than 20 plus million Arabs in South America and millions more in Central America and Latin America.

2) They are not merely middle class, but many are the elites of their societies.

3) The vast majority are Christian, though they did not all arrive as Christians.

4) They have assimilated exceptionally well.

5) Most are intermarried and/or do not speak Arabic any more.

6) But while their Arabic language was lost, the culture and cuisine, and pride were not.

7) We never hear about this in the USA because our media is biased.

8) Arab culture is a major subculture in Latin America. Unlike in the USA, it is not despised; but regarded highly, especially in light of their communal success.

9) If we realign our thinking, maybe the West can use South America to be a bridge to the Mideast, and maybe Latin America can provide a refuge for some Palestinian refugees who have no where else to go.

Not bad thing for a non-Arab, non-Hispanic American to wander into on the internet.

I wish I were younger.  My middle aged brain struggles with basic Spanish.  Were I in my teens, I would be learning both Spanish and Arabic.

Put aside your prejudices and pre-conceived notions.  South American Arab culture will evaporate everyone of them.

¡Disfrute!   Enjoy!