Friday, June 7th, 2013

Radicalization of Chile’s Arabs Again

I have reported before on the radicalization of Chile’s Palestinian Population.

Their statistics:

1) The are roughly 500,000
2) The largest number of Palestinians outside the Mideast
3) The Palestinians in Chile are 99% or more CHRISTIAN
4) Most have ancestors who arrived before 1930, before Israel; so they can’t blame their predicament on Israel.
5) They are very rich, elite in Chile; so they can’t complain that their lives are worse off.
6) The climate of Chile runs from polar to tropical, so they have choices

You would think such a group would not espouse the Islamicized cause of Palestinian nationalism; but you would be wrong. The Palestinians in Chile are very radicalized.


UGEP webpage (Click Here)

Take a look at the home page for the website for the Union General de Estudiantes Palestinos (UGEP) [General Union of Palestinian Students].

Notice the prominent placement given the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim Shrine, on their homepage banner.

Yet, almost all these Chilean students are Christians. Their ancestors came from Bethlehem, Beit Shahour, and Beit Jala … all of which were heavily Christian when their ancestors left.

Why doesn’t a picture of a church figure prominently in their banner image?

I know the Dome of the Rock is an impressive site which defines the image of Jerusalem; but these people are Christian.

When you study their activities, they will often be using Islamic imagery. It is scary.

Beit Jala – Judea and Samaria

The radicalization of Chile’s Palestinians is a growing threat to the West. Yet, the United States and Israel, while complaining, are doing very little to counter it. This is a big mistake.

Because Chile’s Palestinians are so rich, they have clout in a country which is South America’s rising economic star. They have the power to change a lot of South America’s public opinion.

Latin America is now becoming an economic powerhouse. It can no longer be ignored.

Something has to be done. Others have spoken up about Iranian penetration into South America. Now is the time to stop all of this nonsense.

For those of you who can read Spanish, their website is: (Click Here)