Friday, March 15th, 2013

Pro-Israel Rally in Argentina

From: November 2012 during the military actions against Gaza

YouTube Comment by AssyrianPride1000

A group of Argentinians (150), followed by some Centrist and Central Right wing activists as well as some members of the Evangelical Churches came out to show their support for Israel against Hamas war crimes.

Clearly, there are more than 150 in that crowd.

The poster’s name is AssyrianPride1000, which is a reference to the persecuted Assyrian Christians.

However, he is posting in English, not Spanish which is odd; and he lists his country of origin as Iraq, which is odder.

Whether this is primarily Jewish community show of support or not is immaterial. There are roughly 200,000 Jews in Argentina, and they are the largest Jewish community in the Spanish speaking world. They used to be even higher in number, till Argentina’s economic crises drove them to Israel. Argentina’s Jews still have clout.

The comment says there are Evangelicals in the crowd. Of this, I have no doubt.

Evangelicals are not as strong in Argentina as they are in Brazil or Chile; but they are starting to grow, and change things. Already they are 10% of the population in Argentina.

I have seen very strong pro-Israel support come for the richer more elite Catholic sections of Argentina.

The Arabs have effected the culture of South America; but their Arabs are Christian primarily, and they have not changed the Christian aspect of the society. In fact, their Christianity has become Westernized in South America.