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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Recitation of the Koran in Chile

Recitation of the Koran

I am not sure of the particulars, but this must be a relatively recent phenomenom.

Until very recently, over 99% of the Arabs in Chile were Christian. Only 1 out 4,000 people in Chile were Muslim – most of those being new arrivals.

The poster’s name, Roberto Leiva, does not come across as a Muslim name or even Arab.

So I am not sure of the particulars here.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Tours of the Casbah – São Paulo

I do not speak Portuguese, but there is a company is São Paulo offering tours of the Arab quarter. Notice the Churches. Again, almost all Arabs in Brazil are Christian.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Carlos Latuff – Anti-Semitic Artist?!

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian freelance political artist. He is usually leftist; but he also is notorious for his very pro-Palestinian cartoon.

We in America may ignore the Arabs in Latin America, the rest of the world does not.   Carlos Latuff is an international Media Star from Brazil, of  Lebanese descent.  (Click here)

Some of his cartoons are here.


Some of his stuff is vicious!

Latuff is of part-Lebanese ancestry. He claims to be not anti-Semitic, but the Simon Wiesenthal Center has labelled him the #3 on the 2012 Top 10 anti-Semitic slanderers. (Click Here)

Only The Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Regime have been scored higher.

Latuff mocked their condemnation.

The Arabs, as you can imagine, have become great fans of Latuff.

Most Americans are not aware of Latuff. Our newspapers will not print his drawings. But the rest of the world, even Canada, does print his stuff. It has a major effect on the world. He is a sort of a media star.
Draws Israel as a Nazi – Some of his stuff looks like Goebbel’s propaganda

We should stop ignoring the Arabs in Latin America. They can be a force for good or evil. If the West does nothing, the other side will.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Santiago Arabic Dance Mob

This will take a while to catch but at (1:02) it becomes clear
that his Chilean dance mob is dancing to Arab music.
At (3:03) you can hear them try to approximate, the Arab tongue rolling yell.

A Chilean dance mob in the capital of Santiago dances to Arab Music.

Again, Arab culture has thoroughly and completely gone mainstream in South America, and has moved out of its ethnic community to be embraced by all.

Some Notes: Chile is 5% Arab. The USA, by comparison is only about 1% Arab; and many of those are Lebanese Maronite Catholics, who may not even identity as Arab, but rather as only Lebanese.

Check the notes on Chile in this site to learn more.

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