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Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Flashmob Árabe in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Arab (Dance) Flash Mob in Bahia Blanca (White Bay), Argentina

Starts just after (1:05):

Posted on YouTube: Mar 6, 2016
(Note: one of the dancers is very fair-skinned, possibly German-Argentine)

Interesting! According to Wikipedia (2017):

Source: Wikipedia

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the city are Roman Catholics although there are Protestant churches and a synagogue. There are also Muslims in the city, but no mosque. The city is religiously tolerant, a common nationwide characteristic guaranteed by the Argentine Constitution.

This again shows that Arab influences subfuse Argentina, and are embraced by the general population, though divorced from Islam. Notice that there are no mosques in Bahia Blanca.

While there are purportedly Muslims in the city, with no mosque, many will probably follow the historical tendency of Muslims in Argentina to either convert, or intermarry into Christianity.

This is why I think a considerable number of Palestinians could be absorbed into, and assimilated safely into, South America.

Israel would be foolish to not offer young Palestinians compensation – and it would not be cheap, or the Palestinians would be insulted – to consider South America as an alternative. South America would only take in Arabs who came with capital.

South America absorbs Arabs well, embraces much of Arab culture and cuisine, albeit without Islam, and allows the Arabs among them to prosper.


Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Recent Habib’s Commerical from Brazil

Posted on YouTube: Nov 12, 2016

Habib’s, a Lebanese cuisine outlet, is the 3rd Biggest fast food chain in Brazil, and makes fun of McDonalds and Burger King.

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Brazil’s President is of Lebanese Descent

Brazil is going through tough economic times, but it is still the ninth largest economy in the world. Since last year (2016), it has been led by President Michel Temer, the son of Christian Lebanese immigrants.

Again, this is typical of Latin America, where Arab are strongly over-represented in the halls of power.

Temer reflects Brazil’s divisive politics. The right wing loves him. The left hates him, and his austerity policies.

Source: REUTERS May 8, 2017

President Michel Temer has hailed the drop in inflation as evidence that his austerity agenda was putting Latin America’s largest economy on a solid footing for recovery.

(Read More)

Monday, May 8th, 2017

Chile’s Palestino Soccer Club Goes To The Holy Land

Published on YouTube: Mar 30, 2017

This Chilean Soccer (they would say: futbol) team now has an international following. Very popular with the Palestinians in the contested areas.

Monday, May 8th, 2017

The Skin of Palestine

Posted on Vimeo: January 22, 2017

Remember that even though the Palestinians in Chile tend to be radicalized against Israel regarding the Mideast, they are otherwise quite Christian, prosperous, upper middle class, and intergrated well into Chilean life. They would be a perfect immigrant group, except that they can mix support for the Intifada with their sports.

Baisanos – Chilean Soccer Intifada

Their fans call themselves Baisanos, which is a mispronunciation of Paisanos (Spanish: countrymen), because their Arab ancestors could not pronounce the letter P.

There was a massive immigration of Arabs to South America in the late 19th, and early to mid-20th century. Quite often, the impetus was persecution at the hands of the Muslims. There was a near genocide of Lebanese Christians at the hands of Muslims around 1860. The vast majority of Arab immigrants to South America were Christians. The few Muslims among the immigrants often converted to Christianity or married into it.

What distinguishes Chile (and Hondouras) is that Chile took in a large amount of Palestinians. Other nations took in Syrian or Lebanese Christians. Today, many of these Chilean “Palestinos” are part-Spanish, part-Italian, part-Basque, or part-German in blood. They are upper middle-class in Chile, and hold great economic and political power well above their percentage of the population.

The Chilean soccer team, Palestino, has a popular following in the contested areas.

What this means is that Arabs blend in well in South America, at least the Christian ones.

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