Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Opening a New Studio

Misiones Province – Source:
(Andres Rojas)

Channel 12, in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina – the almost tropical Northeast of Argentina – inaugarated a new studio. What better thing to do than have some Arabic dancers on?

Misiones Province (in green on the map to the right) has a lot of ethnic groups. Italians, Swedes, Ukranians, Poles, French, Germans, Danes, Japanese, and yes, Arabs, as well as the core Spanish. Apprently, this day, they played to the Arab community. Some of the dancers seem fair complected, and I wonder if some of that Swedish or German blood has intermingled.

The observant listener will note the intro music on the video is Arabic.

At the tip of the province is Iqauzu falls, which is a world famouse jungle cataract which is the border between Brazil and Argentina, and is right next to Paraguay, forming a smuggler’s paradise called the Triple Frontier.

But what is important is that no matter where one goes in Argentina, the Arabs are a significant part of the population, and Arab culture is very mainstream.

In fact, the intro music to the video of Iguazi Falls on the left is Arabic; and if one goes to the comment section on the YouTube Page for that video, one will notice some comments in Arabic. There is a lot of cross-cultural polination between the two worlds.

The Arabs seem to view South America as a friendly part of the West.