Monday, April 15th, 2013

Arabic Roots – Chile

Arab Roots

The show Arab Roots has a neat website,

Arab Roots (with musicians)

The host of the show, Kiko Saide, Raíces Árabes (Arab Roots) has been doing a variation of the show since 1999, first starting on radio, then moving to TV. It looks to be sort of a blend between a variety show and an infomercial for the Nur Academy of Dance. However, it also has community news as well.

It has different guests each week; and it is broadcast to over half of Chile.

coopmanFor this episode, the young cohost/dancer’s real name is Taryn Palavicino Coopman, is a director/reporter for NUR News media, and an accomplished dancer who operates a dance academy out of a high income suburb of Santiago, Chile. With a name like Taryn Palavicino Coopman, and given her fair complexion, she is a certainly NOT pure Arabic in ancestry. (My Spanish is not good enough to make out the whole conversation).

Arabic culture is not only mainstream. It is upscale in Chile.

The TV show is not just broadcast in Santiago but throughout Chile.

Source for Schedule:
Todos los domingos a las 13:30 hrs Pueden ver el programa desde todo chile Every Sunday at 1:30 PM, the program can be seen over all of Chile
Canal 22 Señal abierta Santiago
Canal 99 Señal Cable VTR
Canal 27 Señal Cable Gtd Manquehue Santiago
Canal 57 Señal Cable Cmet SantiagoRegiones
Canal 19 Señal Cable Telefónica del Sur
(Regiones que llega a las ciudades de Concepción, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloé y Coyhaique)
Canal 57 Señal abierta en Viña del Mar.
Canal 35 Señal abierta en Concepción.
Canal 21 Señal abierta en Temuco.
Channel 22 Broadcast in Santiago
Channel 99 Cable VTR
Channel 27 Cable Gtd Manquehue Santiago
Channel 57 Cable Cmet SantiagoRegions
Channel 19 Cable South Telephone
(Concepción, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloé y Coyhaique)
Channel 57 Broadcast in Viña del Mar.
Channel 35 Broadcast in Concepción.
Channel 21 Broadcast in Temuco.

This is not a minor broadcast. More than half of Chile could get this show.

Finally, for those of you who speak Spanish better than me – and that is probaby most of you – this is one of their programs where they interviewed the Mayor of Recoleta, a very upscale community in Chile with a large Arab population in the Barrio Patronato

Arab Roots with the Mayor of Recoleta

The host’s own YouTube Channel.

But if you put in Raíces Árabes Chile, a lot of the programs will come up.