Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Marcelo100Arg May Not Be Who He Claims To Be

Marcelo100Arg is a YouTube poster who claimed to be Argentine of Italian extraction.

But now look at these two channels: Marcelo100Arg and AlbanianPower11. Notice, how many video are identical or similar. The videos have been edited to show slightly different screenshots or times, but when played, many of the videos start at the same point.


I respected Marcelo100Arg when I thought he was an Italian-Argentine who loved Israel. Now, I don’t know if he even exists.

I have to wonder if he is someone working for Israeli Hasbara (Propaganda) activists.

Whoever did these YouTube Channels was clumsy to make them so similar.

marceloMarcelo100Arg has claimed, in the past, to be an Argentine Catholic of Italian extraction, but who knows? Now he claims to be Moroccan-Argentine, yet he left the former pro-Vatican statement after he suddenly claimed a Moroccan ancestry.

Still videos are videos; even if Marcelo100Arg is not honest about his Hasbara affiliations, the videos are valuable.