Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Lebanese Youth of Chile

Original Video Source: (Click Here)

The first thing one notices is that the Lebanese of Chile avoid involvement in the politics of the Israel-Palestine Mideast Crisis. A lot of these protests were during the Hezbollah-Israel War in 2006, but there seems to be no condemnation of Israel.

At (0:39) the poster says: A Message of Peace. John Paul II. These Maronites Catholics were not fans of Hezbollah. They may or may not love Israel, but the Lebanese Christians despised Hezbollah for starting the 2006 War.

As noted, the Lebanese in Chile are over 99% Christian, and heavily Catholic. Lebanese are the most Westernized of the Arab peoples, and here they show it. They are usually a moderating influence in the Arab community. No condemnation of Israel.

This video is a shining example of their assimilation and Westernization. They are a credit to Chile.