Monday, April 8th, 2013

Lebanese Migration to Brazil

I do not speak Brazilian Portuguese, but this is a show about Lebanese Migration to Brazil.

Brazil has close to 200 Million people. About 7-10 Million Brazilians are of Lebanese heritage (Click Here)

65% of the Lebanese are Maronite/Roman Catholic.
20% of the Lebanese are Eastern Orthodox Christian
15% are variations of Sunni, Shia, or Druze

However, Arab-Evangelical Churches are springing up in Brazil, and those numbers are changing.

It is not unrealistic to estimate all the Arab-Brazilians (Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqs, etc.) at 15 Million over all. This is roughly 7½% of Brazil’s population.

To get an idea how large that is: Only 6% of America is Italian. Arabs are very common in Brazil. There is a fast food chain called Habib's which is found all over Brazil.

What is clear is that Lebanese Maronites are the premier group among the Lebanese and even overall among the Arabs. What this means is that MOST Arab-Brazilians will be from a Western leaning Community.

Maronites, even though they speak Arabic, have thought of themselves as almost European Westerners, and Western Christian (Catholics) rather than identifying as Arab or Easterners.

This probably explains the moderation among most Arab-Brazilians. The Westernized Maronites set the tone. Compare this to the radicalized Arab-Chileans where Palestinian Christians of Syrian Orthodox extraction set the tone.

Notice the introduction by a Lebanese Maronite Catholic Archbishop. As noted, most Arab immigration to Brazil was Christian. This is changing, but Muslims are still a small minority among the Arab community; and they are facing a very strong Evangelical Revival which is sweeping all of South America, and especially Brazil.

I cannot help with the translation – I have enough problems with Spanish, let alone Portuguese – but those of you who speak Portuguese are free to comment.