Friday, September 7th, 2012

It Goes Both Ways

Wedding in Lebanon. This was almost certainly a Christian wedding

This was a wedding in Lebanon, with guess what?!

Brazilian SAMBA!

How do I know it was Christian.

Well, because the Muslims banned Samba from the Muslim areas of Lebanon.

Lebanon: Muslim Clerics Ban Brazilian Samba Show

“A protest by Muslim clerics torpedoed a Brazilian samba show in the Lebanese city of Tire on Thursday, local officials said.

A statement by the clerics condemned plans for the open-air display by a dance troupe that has been touring Lebanon.

`We support tourism but are against obscenity,` said Sheikh Ali Yassin, who heads a group of clerics in the predominantly Shi`ite Muslim city.”

Lebanon isn`t a hardline Islamic outpost like Iran or Saudi Arabia, nevertheless Muslim clerics never cease to quench all expressions of joy.

Brazilian samba troupes include musicians and scantily clad dancers, but even the most repressed individuals usually get caught up in the excitement and revelry.

To be fair to the Muslims, this is what they were protesting. A Brazilian Cultural exchange program in 2009 caused a bit of a scandal. It was a bit risqué.

Seeing that Mosque behind those semi-naked women: PRICELESS!

Central Lebanon is Christian. Beirut is half-Christian, so you could get away with it. But in South Lebanon or North Lebanon, the Mullahs would have ordered a violent response.

How are you going to keep your women in veils and hijabs when the Brazilians arrive in town? The mullah’s complaint was not really about obscenity; it was about maintaining control over their women.

But the cultural excange does run both ways.

Lebanon now has a Tango festival.

Of course, this all is the relic of Christian tolerance. The Christians are leaving; and once they are gone, Lebanon will revert to Muslim tyranny.