Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Islamic Chair in Catholic University?!


Encounters with Islam and its various Artists
From October, 2010; but should be of note

A PERMANENT CHAIR OF ISLAM in a Catholic University in a very small secular country with almost NO Muslims?!

There are only around 400 Muslims in the whole country1.

Where is the money for this department coming from?

Uruguay is very unusual in South America in that it fought religious vs. secular wars over a century ago. The seculars won; and forced a complete separation of Church and State. In fact, Uruguay may be the most secular country in the Western Hemisphere.


Uruguay banned crucifixes in hospitals by 1906, and eliminated references to God and the Gospel in public oaths. Divorce laws were also established during this time.

Its premier University is the Catholic University, but the people are generally secular. Catholic in name only.

There are 20-25,000 Jews in Uruguay compared 400 Muslims. A ratio of 50 or more to 1.

It is true that the Catholic University has a permanent Chair of Judaism, as well; but with 20-25,000 Jews in Uruguay, they could support such a chair.

Who is supporting an Islamic Chair?  WHO?!

If anyone doubts outside money is not going in to South America, this is the proof.

Why on earth would Uruguay, a small country of only 3.5 Million people, with only 400 Muslims, have a PERMANENT CHAIR OF ISLAM at a Catholic University?!

1There are 70,000 Lebanese Christians, though; but they are Catholic or Maronite Catholic, NOT Muslim. This video (Click Here) at (1:19) asserts the number is as high as 90,000 Maronite Christians; but the point is: They are Christian of one stripe or another, NOT Muslim.