Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Irans Press TV: Israel Steals Organs From Martyrs

Original Date posted on YouTube: Nov 17, 2013

Look at what they write in the comment section of the video:

After years and many efforts, the Palestinians have gotten the regime Israel agrees to return the bodies of dead Palestinians who were in his power. families fear that their relatives bodies have been stolen. ‘s regime to cede Israel requests of the Palestinian National Authority and returned several bodies of Palestinian martyrs. arrive But the bodies listed, unmarked, and perhaps one of his organs have been stolen. theft of Palestinian martyrs bodies is a practice that Israel has done since that occupation began. Piel, corneas, heart valves and bones removed from the body of the martyr without permission of the families. Palestinians not only condemn these practices but demanding Israel to do DNA tests on the bodies so they can be returned to respective families as soon as possible. A undetectable respectable burial for people who fell defending their cause. ‘s what the Palestinian people demands the Israeli regime. Mussa’ab Bashir, Gaza HispanTV group reminds the followers of our Youtube page that in the event that no new videos are uploaded in 48 hours, this means that the Zionist lobby has blocked access to this channel to your YouTube account. If so, Click on the following link for our new address

Israel does not do enough to counter this.