Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Flashmob Árabe in Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Arab (Dance) Flash Mob in Bahia Blanca (White Bay), Argentina

Starts just after (1:05):

Posted on YouTube: Mar 6, 2016
(Note: one of the dancers is very fair-skinned, possibly German-Argentine)

Interesting! According to Wikipedia (2017):

Source: Wikipedia

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the city are Roman Catholics although there are Protestant churches and a synagogue. There are also Muslims in the city, but no mosque. The city is religiously tolerant, a common nationwide characteristic guaranteed by the Argentine Constitution.

This again shows that Arab influences subfuse Argentina, and are embraced by the general population, though divorced from Islam. Notice that there are no mosques in Bahia Blanca.

While there are purportedly Muslims in the city, with no mosque, many will probably follow the historical tendency of Muslims in Argentina to either convert, or intermarry into Christianity.

This is why I think a considerable number of Palestinians could be absorbed into, and assimilated safely into, South America.

Israel would be foolish to not offer young Palestinians compensation – and it would not be cheap, or the Palestinians would be insulted – to consider South America as an alternative. South America would only take in Arabs who came with capital.

South America absorbs Arabs well, embraces much of Arab culture and cuisine, albeit without Islam, and allows the Arabs among them to prosper.