No Palestine before 1964?!

Immigrants and sons of Arab immigrants formed a soccer club in Chile in 1920 called the Palestinos.

This poses a problem because the official story is that the Palestinians do not want to be a nation, but only to destroy Israel. According to this narrative, a Palestinian identity did not exist before 1964, with the formation of the PLO.

Now, if there was no Palestinian identity before 1964 when the PLO was formed, why did these Arab immigrants in Chile come up with the name for their soccer club in 1920?

What do you do with this?

Sounds like a wonderful Sports Fight Song

Source: CD Palestino Website: Palestino History (Spanish)

El Club Deportivo Palestino nace en la ciudad de Osorno, localidad al sur de Chile, capital de la provincia que lleva su nombre. El club nace en unas olimpiadas de colonias, siendo fundado por inmigrantes palestinos el 20 de agosto de 1920.

The Palestinian Sports club was born in the city of Osorno, located in the south of Chile, capital of the province that bears its name. The club was born in an olympic colony, being founded by Palestinian immigrants, 20th of August, 1920.

According to the official story, the Palestinians really just considered themselves South Syrians.

But these Arabs in Chile did not name their team: The South Syrians.

Clearly, they had some sort of Palestinian identity before 1964.

Israel does have a right to the land; but Israel cannot deny there was a Palestinian identity before 1964. Unfortunately, this debate is not going to be easy.