Haram al Sharif?

I hate to break it to Muslims who come to this site.

Mohammed died in 632 AD about 4 years before Islamic Armies entered Jerusalem. There is no way he could have made a night ride to the farthest mosque in Jerusalem, because Islam had not even reached Jerusalem in his lifetime. There was no mosque for him to visit.

Whatever one feels about the Israel-Palestinian contest, there is no Haram al-Sharif! That is an Islamic myth.

In the case of the Temple Mount, the Jews are right. Islam has no historic claim on it at all. What Islam did was desecrate earlier religious sites merely to show superiority; and add Mosques to the area to make a spurious claim.

The commentator may be flippant, but his facts are right .
He paints a Messianic Christian viewpoint, based on those facts.
Mohammed never set foot in Jerusalem, hence no Haram-al-Sharif.

There is no Haram-al-Sharif, no al-Aqsa Mosque. These were built after Islam conquered the area. They did NOT exist in Mohammed’s lifetime.

Only the Jews have a legitimate claim to the Temple Mount.