Arab Documentary on Chile

I do not speak a word in Arabic; but this is a documentary about the Palestinians in Chile. The prestigious Club Palestino, and Colegio Arabe (Arab Academy).

Like me, you probably cannot understand this. But take a look anyway.

A translation engine gives the description as:

Program of Palestine Club Chile
Palestinian Club of Chile
The city of Santiago,
The Palestinian embassy
Produced and directed by Ahsan Turkish
Palestine TV

American Media ignores the Arab presence in South America. Be assured the Arabs have NOT ignored this. They are trying to forge a sort of alliance with South America. Al-Jazeera put a lot of media in South America.

If America – and Israel – ignore this; it will be our fault. You can’t blame Saudi or Iranian media influence if all we do is send down FBI agents.

The overwhelming majority of South America’s 20 million plus Arabs are Christians, not jihadists. Israel should start talking with them as equals.