Al Jazeera’s Uruguay

A small sample – out of hundreds – of Al Jazeera’s reporting from South America. If America and Israel are wondering why we are losing the “propaganda” war in South America, it is because the Arabs actually show an interest in the region.

Enjoy. These are some of the more interesting Al Jazeera reports from Uruguay over the years.

From: Mar 22, 2009

From: Jan 6, 2011

From: September 6, 2011

The report about Uruguay’s anti-smoking campaign should have been big news in the USA. Advertisers probably squashed it. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg wanted to do the same thing.

The Uruguayan scandal was big news in Latin America. Did you ever hear about it?

Al Jazeera reports some interesting stuff from South American. Is there any wonder that Arab money is purchasing influence in South America?