Al Jazeera’s Paraguay

Admit it! Most of you never heard of Paraguay, and those that have could not find it on a map. Well, it is in the dead center of South America; and apparently Al Jazeera finds it interesting.

From: July 27, 2008

From: May 14, 2010

From: June 22, 2012

The last video was about a contest between a popular leftist president who indulged violence vs. a senate which represents the megarich elite. It is hard to know who is worse, but did you hear about it on American TV?

Why aren’t our American networks reporting this?

It is because we ignore Latin America, except when a bad story pops up, that Arab propaganda is winning. If you want to have a friend you must be a friend. We are ignoring Latin America, except only to fight drug wars and scream about the exceptionally few Al-Qaeda operatives. The Arabs are not.

They are showing an interest in South America beyond drug and crime stories which is what we should be doing also.