Al Jazeera’s Argentina

A small sample – out of hundreds – of Al Jazeera’s reporting from South America. If America and Israel are wondering why we are losing the “propaganda” war in South America, it is because the Arabs actually show an interest in the region.

Enjoy. These are some of the more interesting Al Jazeera reports from Argentina over the years.

From: October 27, 2007

From: Februrary 21, 2010

From: August 31, 2011

From: April 27, 2012

From: May 29, 2012

American pundits bemoan the influence that the Arabs and Iranians have purchased in Latin America. It is really simple. They seem to care about Latin America. Maybe for their own reasons.

But it is more attention than we ever gave Latin America.

How often have you seen TV reports about Argentina’s culture, its gauchos or its tango; the things that matter to South Americans? How often have you seen reports about the Argentine-British dispute over the Malvinas/Falklands from the Argentina viewpoint?

The fault is ours and Israel’s. We ignored Latin America. The Arabs did not.