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Hopefully, this should dispel a lot of myths.

While recent Saudi and Iranian inroads into Latin American are troublesome, they are grossly exaggerated.



Dubbed in English: Islamic propaganda.

A few malcontents embracing Islam.


Evangelicals are having a massive revival in Chile.
Look at the difference in numbers. A few malcontents vs a giant statidum.
Chile and Brazil are having massive revivals.

Over 95% of all Arabs in Latin America are Christian. In many countries that figures rises to 99% of all Arabs.

Catholicism may be weakening, but it is being replaced by Pentecostal Christianity and, to a much smaller extent, Orthodox Christianty.

If the West panics now, we will over react.

The are only three countries with a significant population of Muslims.

Argentina, Guyana, and Suriname.


Most of Argentina’s Muslims are non-practicing. Officially there are around 400-700,000 Muslims. In reality, only 40,000 are practicing. Argentina has 3 Million CHRISTIAN Arab-Argentines, however. They tend to be moderate concerning the Mideast. With a country of overall 41,000,000; Less than 1/1000th of Argentina is practicing Muslim.

Argentina (41 million overall) is 8-10% Arab in ethnicity, but 90% of those Arabs are Christians. The Muslims are not significant.

Argentina (roughly)
Spanish – 55-80%
Italian – 50-60%
Arab 8-10%
Germans 6-9%
Irish 1-1/2%
British 1%
Croats 1/2%
Smaller amounts of other Europeans: Swedes, Poles, Greeks.
Many are intermarried so the numbers add up to higher than 100%
Though it speaks Spanish, culturally Argentina is just as Italian as it is Spanish. Lot of Italian food and music.

In reality, Argentina is about 89% Catholic, 10% Evangelical, 1% Jewish, and 1% Muslim, but most of those Muslims are non-practicing. 90% of the Arabs in Argentina are Christian.

Guyana, and Suriname:

Guyana and Suriname are 7% and 14% Muslim respectively. But these countries have extraordinarily small populations. The number of Muslims between them is around 200,000 at most. Many of these Muslims are not Arabs, but Indonesians bought over during the colonial era. Most Arabs in these countries are Christian.

But what about Palestinians in South America?

Palestinians are notable in Chile, Honduras, and El Salvador. Almost all of them are Christians.

El Salvador has had an election where both candidates were Palestinian. One was Evangelical, and the other of Catholic background.

So before you think the Caliphate is coming, stand back.

In reality, Islam is weaker in Latin America than in the United States. It is just louder in Latin America.

May 10, 2017 – Edited: Updated some figures, and added a link.