Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Edgardo Rubén Assad doubts the Holocaust

Edgar Rubén AssadThis guy, Dr. Edgardo Rubén Assad is an Argentina citizen who spends half the year in Iran. He is considered an Iranian operative in Latin America, and he has been denied enterance into Mexico.

He is now publically denying the Holocaust.

What I find troubling, however, is hid middle name, Rubén (Reuben) , with his reddish beard. His first name is Edgardo (Edgar).

Edgar?! Edgar Reuben Assad for a Shi’a Muslim?!

If he were born Shi’a we would expect a Shi’a name. Maybe Mohammed, or Hassan, or Jihad, not Edgar. Edgar?!  Certainly not Edgar Reuben.

Frankly, his name, and appearance point to his being of Jewish origins.

Catholics – and 85% of Argentina is Catholic – usually have Christian names. Names which come from saints. Pedro (Saint Peter), Pablo (Saint Paul), Miguel (Saint Michael), Jorge (Saint George), etc. Edgar is decidedly neutral. A Jewish person would give a name like Edgardo to his child, which would indicate assimilation into a Latin culture, but not Christianization. Rubén (Reuben), while not necessarily indicating a Jewish identity, is a very common Jewish name.

Add in his auburn red beard, which is not uncommon among Ashkenazic Jews, but very uncommon among Lebanese.

I have to wonder if this guy is not a self-hating ethnic Jew. I wonder if his birth name is Edgardo Rubén, and he adopted the name Assad upon his conversion. Argentina has a very large Jewish community. At the middle of the century, it was even larger.

The official story is that he is the son of Lebanese immigrants to Argentina.


But 90% of all Arabs in Argentina are Christian. Most, not all, of the Lebanese immigrants to Argentina were Christian.

Moreover, from the 1960s to the 1970s, Jews started fleeing Lebanon. Argentina would have been good place to go, just then.

Something does not look right here.

I could be wrong; maybe Edgardo is a bona-fide Shi’a. But look at that hair and beard. The guy looks more North European than the son of Lebanese Muslims.

Add in his name: Edgardo Rubén Assad.

This guy is dangerous, and merits watching; but something is not right with this story.

That aside, Israel and the USA, should be working to stop Iranian penetration into Latin America.

I will be trying to find out more about this guy; but this whole story sounds odd.

1) His name sounds funny.

2) His appearance look North European.

3) Why wouldn’t Argentina just suspend his passport, and not let him out of the country?

Everything in this story is suspicious.